Back to Blogging: Day 3

The challenge for today is to find a post with a title we really like, re-upload, and explain why you like the title. This one was a bit of a no brainer. My favorite post titles are bad puns or song lyrics and this one is the title of my favorite Mama and Papas song.

Trip, Stumble and Fall

I didn’t think anything could be more terrifying than those early newborn days when I thought I would snap Spencer’s arm off trying to get it in to a sleeve hole or that his neck would wobble too hard if I didn’t hold him just so. I realize now that he was sturdier than I thought and this is a lesson I need to remember right now for he has reached the stage where he can pull-up to standing on furniture, but doesn’t have enough balance or common sense to stay there forever. He is letting go, first with one arm, now with two, but he can’t always stay upright.

His new favorite spot.

I am battling between wanting him to learn some natural consequences and wanting him to not crack his head open on the hardwood floors. I am so proud and so tense all day. I know I need to let him fall so he will learn, but right now I am working on guiding him to falling on his nicely padded, cloth diapered bottom. It is just exhausting. I am sure it is not helping that I am the only parent home, so I don’t get a break chasing him around the house.

What? I didn’t knock everything off the chair!

It is awesome watching him learn and build skills. Spencer tends to move with purpose, leading with either his tongue or his hands. Once he pulls up on something, he pats ans pats his hands on the top. Or licks it.  Still a lot of licking going on.  I know with each tumble he is learning and with each tentative step he is gaining balance. At this point, my main goal is just keeping him from hitting his head on the wood floor from standing upright. That should be easy enough. Right?

Me? Fall? Never.
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4 Responses to “Back to Blogging: Day 3”

  1. Amy, I love your approach to post titles. Posts that are plays-on-words or puns are some of my favorites! My girls are 5 and 9, but I still remember those early months when they seemed so breakable. Being able to find a comfortable zone for you and your child that strikes the right balance between freedom and safety is probably one of the best skills you can develop as a parent.

    I hope to see and hear from you over at the Blog Frog SITS Community today!

    Best, Jenn/Rook No. 17


  2. First of all, WHAT A CUTIE!! He really is a gorgeous little guy, but I’m sure you know that :-)

    And I so feel your pain. My daughter’s just getting past the point now where I’m in constant terror that she’s going to knock her head open on our hardwood floors. And now she’s climbing. Everywhere. Everything.

    I’d like to tell you the terror abates, but then they start riding wheeled things and they have speed on their side. We’re going to be running for the rest of our lives …


  3. I’m terrified for the day that The Boy starts moving, crawling, and walking.


  4. Karen says:

    I love song titles for post titles (though I rarely ever think to do that myself! But, it has the great effect of making me sing to myself while reading the whole post. :> I remember that age with my kidlets. The first time my oldest ever drew blood was when he standing between my knees (I was sitting on the couch) & cruising the coffee table. He lost his grip, slipped, hit his chin, which caused his tooth to go into his lip & bleed. What I knew was that he couldn’t have possibly been any closer to me & I still couldn’t stop him from getting a little cut. It definitely gave me perspective & knowledge that he’s going to get his share of bumps & bruises and try as I might, I cannot do anything about it.

    Thank goodness I learned that lesson with him, because his little sister was a CLIMBER & could get across the room at 4 1/2 months…fast! She was determined to explore! lol

    Hope your week is going well! :>


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