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There has been some interest shown in having a planned topic blog hop. I arbitrarily picked collecting for this month’s hop. I was trying to find something non-parenting related, mostly to give a lot of us a change of pace from what we normally write about. And I wanted something fun. After this month, I was thinking that one of the participants could come up with the topic/question for a hop in October. Everyone who is interested should get their posts ready by Thursday and I’ll get the code up on Thursday or late Wednesday night. Let’s all have some fun! Anyone is welcome and my only request is that it not be a review/giveaway post.

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3 Responses to “Blog Hop Next Week”

  1. That sounds great — look forward to hearing more :-)


  2. Excited! Gotta dig it outta the attic!


  3. […] tomorrow is wordless wednesday! Woot! I don’t have to think until the Blog Hop on […]

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