Failure. Arrgh.

Ahoy Mateys-

So, today is Talk like a pirate day, which I strangely love. I spent the last two weeks trying to get Spencer to say Arrgh because I wanted to get it on video for today because I though it would be fun. I tried a million ways, said it all the time, pretended it what was the zoo keeper said in his zoo book. Embarrassingly enough, I even pretended it was the hippo noise, because learning animal noises seems to be his baby super power. He saw through ALL of my tricks. He learned 3 new words this week and none of them were arrgh. Just to spite me. I think my baby is an evil genius. Arrgh. He’s lucky he doesn’t have to walk the plank.

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  1. Oh no how did I miss Talk like a Pirate Day? So typical that he wouldn’t ‘aargh’ on demand. But it’s really cute imagining what his face was like as you tried to persuade him.

    Swinging by to thank you for helping make my SITS day special!


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