Have you been on GetGlue? It is so much fun. As I said on Twitter, in a nutshell, it is foursquare for hermits. I love it. It is good ol’ mindless fun. Spencer still lap naps a lot and when my reader is cleared out, I need something to do. Especially on the weekends when Twitter slows down. Hubs is normally off on Tuesday and Wednesday, so my Saturdays and Sundays can get a little boring. That is where GetGlue comes in.

It is pretty simple. You sign up and start liking things: movies, books, tv shows, celebrities even foods. It is kind of like rating your returns on Netflix. Then you get suggestions of things you might like, based on your previous likes. There are check ins. That’s where the foursquare comparisons come in. You can check in to a book you are reading or a movie or tv show.

And you get stickers for all sorts of different things. In my first few days, I got a First Time Buyer sticker for checking in House Hunters, a Book Worm sticker for liking 50 books. It is super fun because you never know when you are going to get a sticker. You can also follow people and their likes and check ins show up on your home page, but I don’t really care about that so much.

My GetGlue Homepage

One of the other things I really like about GetGlue is the fact that pushing your check ins to Facebook or Twitter is optional. I don’t. I just like rating things, checking in and love the little surprise of a sticker. I would have loved it during midnight nursing sessions when Spencer was little. Some thing to pass the time on line when you have reached the end of the internet. If you join up, come find me; my user name is babybabylemon.

Disclosore: This post was not sponsored by GetGlue. I’m a big nerd and write about things I like for free.

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