Hot, Hot, Hot

Southern California is having some heat issues. I think Monday was the hottest day LA has had since they started recording temperatures. It is that hot. Being coastal, we have no air conditioning. Mostly because we don’t need it, afternoon breezes tend to keep the house pretty cool, but the upstairs, with its charming 1950s non-insulated gabled ceiling? That turns in to an oven. Also, the climate here varies by like 15 degrees year-round, so a heat wave is traumatizing and I am always completely and utterly unprepared.

But, on the plus side, we busted out the kiddie pool. And since it is too hot to think, let alone blog. Viola! Swimming pictures. And Spencer should count his lucky starts that I don’t put naked pictures of him on here. We took off the diaper and let him have a little free splashing time and oh my, do I have the cutest pictures of his little baby bum in the pool…

Had a friend over for a swim fun play date on Sunday.Lauren is a little more mellow than Spencer in the pool.

Throwing the ball out of the pool led to them figuring out how to get in and out of the pool themselves.

Attempted jailbreak!

Lauren is wondering why Spencer can't enter the pool a little more gracefully.

Later that day, he went back in for more.

Crab attack!

And tomorrow is wordless wednesday! Woot! I don’t have to think until the Blog Hop on Thursday.

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  1. It seems like the heat will never go away. We are in AZ and it is horrible still.


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