Needless Things

One of the side benefits of not buying anything made in china for a month seems to be keeping me from buying crap I don’t need. I saw super cute mugs at Starbucks the other day. Love them, but they were made in china. Do I need them? No. Would I have bought them if I wasn’t doing the project? Maybe. It surely will keep me from buying random stuff in Target. We were there the other day and there was a lawn sprinkler on clearance for like $8. Do we need it? No. Would it be handy to have – someday? Yes. Did we buy it? No. Would we have purchased it normally? Totally. It was a bargain. On a sad note, the project may keep me from buying fun Fall shoes. I normally buy a pair of flats from Target every season, with the plan to wear the hell out of them for 3 months and toss them when they wear out. I haven’t checked yet, but I’m thinking that is not going to happen. I have plenty of shoes. I will survive.

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  1. Veronica says:

    Im part Chinese soooo does that mean I am allowed to buy cheap made in China crap? :) Seriously though good for you. Im the same way but more for the reason that I just hate buying anything that might eventually become “crap”.


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