Sometimes things that start cute turn evil, not cute and no fun. Spencer started saying Ow. In context. Sort of. He says it when he pinches us. It sounds so cute. More like Ooouw. At first the pinching was kind of light and we laughed. But then, he started climbing up and grabbing my neck fat, twisting it, pinching it, saying Ow and grinning like a maniac. I can’t say Ow; it makes him do it more. I probably shouldn’t swear, but I can’t help it. But I certainly don’t want him going up to grandma, pinching her arm and dropping an f bomb. I am at a loss. I’ve tried saying no. I’ve tried setting him down on his butt on the floor. I think he is too little for a time-out. Time for some internet searching, I think.

I’m also worried that this opposing action thing could become a trend. I’ve been trying redirection and saying a firm No when he plays with the buttons/cords on the cable box and dvd player. And then he started pushing the buttons while saying no, no, no. Great.

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