Pet Sounds

Spencer has been talking so much more now. He is gaining almost a word a day. He has a bunch of books with animals and animals sounds, as well as a ton of stuffed animals. As a result, most of his new words have been animal related. He is now saying duck, kitty, wow wow (for dog), moo, baa, meow, and bock-bock (for his stuffed chicken). He is also trying really hard to say Hugs, the name of his giant, stuffed elephant, but it comes out more like huss.

I’m not sure why he is picking up animals and their sounds so much better than every thing else. He does know other words like book, toe, bye, ice and block, but I am surprised with how much he loves food that he hasn’t picked up any food names. I would think he know banana or nana at least. He eats them all the time. I know I should he happy to let him learn at his own pace and be pleased with his achievement so far, but I just love hearing him say new things. More please.

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