Don’t do a google image search for any of the following: baby rash, allergy rash, baby chest rash or especially pink flat rash. Just don’t. So, Spencer has a mystery rash.  It is a very light spattering of flat pink spots: lightest on his arms and legs, then his trunk, then heaviest on his face. A twitter inquiry and google search led me to think it was either an allergic reaction or roseola. He had no fever which made roseola unlikely, but still possible.

So what could he be reacting to? I accidentally used a recalled bag of laundry detergent on his clothes, but he hadn’t really reacted to it before the recall. But the recall was due to a mixing error so could a random part of the bag be problematic? I don’t know, but I rewashed his clothes, sheet and towel in a different detergent. The only new food he had recently was raspberries, but would that take two or three days to appear?

I’m loathe to take him in to the doctor or urgent care. I emailed a picture to a friend of mine that is a nurse and she stopped by on her way home from work on Tuesday and her thoughts were a little inconclusive, but she said if it didn’t clear up to take him in.  She seemed to think it was most likely an allergic reaction. She also ruled out chicken pox, which had crossed my mind because he got the MMRV vaccine about 10 days ago.

Wednesday morning he looked the same and through the day it cleared up more. Spencer never had a fever, doesn’t seem to be itching and is overall unaffected by this rash. He probably doesn’t even know he has it. It still freaks me the hell out.

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3 Responses to “Rash!”

  1. poor babe. I hope it clears up soon.


  2. Veronica says:

    This looks EXACTLY like the rash P had. Ugh. Is it gone yet?


    Amy Reply:

    It is all gone except for 1 or 2 lingering pink spots.


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