Similac Recall Reactions

Every once in a while, I am really disappointed in the people I follow on Twitter and Facebook. Similac had a formula recall. And some mom’s online seem to be laughing about it. The powdered formula is being recalled due to possible beetle contamination, in short, there could be bugs in it. Which is kind of gross. But then I started seeing some tweets that basically said  formula recall, surprise, surprise, or ha ha, there are no bugs in breast milk, 0r reason number 485 why I breastfeed, formula recalled. Again.

How is that helpful? Not all mom’s want to give their babies formula. I sure didn’t. But “booby trapped” or no, I was led down a path where supplementation was the only way that Spencer gained weight. And I chose Similac. That doesn’t make a difference, but my heart sure skipped a beat when I first heard about the recall.

And then the tweets started flying. I can see why lactivists have a reputation for hating formula feeders. Many of the tweets were snarky and rude. It just seems so unnecessary to add insult to injury. The moms who buy this product are probably worried and freaking out. No need to mock them. One or two people did tweet a few times about playing nice, but it didn’t seem to help. I get that bug contamination could be seen as funny and lends itself to easy jokes.  Tellingly, the people who simply presented the recall information without comment or judgement were the professionals; the CLCs, the employees of breastfeeding aligned companies simply sent out a tweet or status update with the information.

I’ve unliked a blog on Facebook already and am debating about what to do about a few of the people I follow on Twitter. The worst part of all this, the women who so offended me, most likely wouldn’t care or would take my opinion as persecuting them.  And the most common reaction would probably be along the lines of fine then, unfollow me.  Ok then, will do.

P.S. I wrote this post while nursing my 14 month old son.

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15 Responses to “Similac Recall Reactions”

  1. OK, we must not follow the same people, b/c I did not see any of that. And thank goodness, b/c it would have totally pissed me off too. I breastfed, but I support formula feeding moms 100%. And I am so sick of the debate. Women make the choices that are best for them. And many times, they don’t have one to make. I have lots of friends who desperately wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t, and they were devastated, not to mention they felt guilty. I hated seeing them go through that. So I get offended when people bash formula feeding moms. I do not judge a mom simply because she does something different from me.

    We need to accept and respect each other. Period.


  2. Jo says:

    That kind of stuff irks me, too, and I’ve never had to use formula for my babe. All too often, lactivists just make themselves look like assholes. “Haha” comments are TOTALLY inappropriate, but even the more innocent “Breastmilk never gets recalled,” isn’t so cool since not all moms choose to use formula. Many need to. And, like you said, why add insult to injury in a situation like this one?


  3. zealandsmom says:

    I tweeted “reason a gajillion to beastfeed” my tweet 1st of all was not to formula feeders in particular but to those who verbally equate breastfeeding & formula feeding. My tweet was for the mom who has yet to decide what is best for her baby & is possibly on the fence as to what to do. I tweeted because I believe it. I tweeted because I was there once with baby not gaining weight & I was made to formula feed zealand. I tweeted because 2nd time around I researched & studies more & when it actually happened again with my 2nd child, I knew what to do & who to go for. I know the stats & I’ve done the research but most of all…i know that hatred toward women all over our country for breastfeeding. Whether it is for nursing in public or nursing past one or God-forbid taking a pumping break at work. My tweet was to those who want to bash breastfeeding for whatever & whyever. And for that tweet, I bear no apologies.


    zealandsmom Reply:

    replying to say I didn’t mean to say “beastfeeding” BUT if you meant Kingsley you wouldn’t think twice about it! Haha
    so bReastfeeding is clearly what I should have written.


    Amy Reply:

    Ha. I didn’t even notice you said beastfeeding.


    Amy Reply:

    I think my point, which was perhaps unclear, was that a formula recall, that was freaking out many a mother, is an unfortunate time to promote breastfeeding, in the context of tweeting about the recall.


  4. Thank you so much for posting that. There are some women who CAN’T breastfeed. I tried for three months but had to supplement because I didn’t produce enough for a whole feed. It breaks my heart that some people can be so cruel.


  5. Vanessa says:

    I didn’t see this on my twitter feed but ooh this makes me mad. Why can’t the hating and judging and guilt-tripping stop already!
    I successfully breastfed both my boys and aside from the usual hang-ups and initial difficulties with my first, I didn’t have an extremely hard time. But I have no idea what I would have done if I HAD had a hard time.
    And I have tons of very close friends who chose to give formula or needed to give formula and they have fabulous kids. I support them and a happy, sane, healthy Mama is the best for her babies. Better than a strung out, stressed out, frustrated Mama.
    Good post.


  6. Lisa says:

    Well said. I agree- the issue at heart is making sure every baby has a SAFE and healthy food supply. For some moms, that’s breastmilk. For others, it isn’t.

    I am very anti formula companies. I believe they care far more for their bottom line than for babies’ health.this is just one example of that. No baby should be sickened due to their negligence.


  7. Adrienne says:

    It never ceases to amaze me, the depths of anger that exist in some people. I don’t get it, and it breaks my heart. We are mothers; we could change everything if we stopped this BS bickering. As I said in my post on this issue, mothers whose children will have no clean drinking water today (many, many millions) would love for us to shift our focus to more urgent matters.


  8. I don’t understand the whole judgmental thing. I wish I was so sure of every decision that I felt comfortable making snarky comments to other moms, most of whom are doing their very best every day just to keep it all together. There is nothing funny about a company releasing a contaminated product for babies and the parents have been victimized alongside their children.

    There’s so much judgment in the autism community too. For a while, I fought every battle, but then I just got tired. I have enough to do looking after my own child :-)


  9. The Frugal Free Gal says:

    Thanks for linking up at my blog hop tonight!
    Sorry so many people said these things. It seems almost every product I buy for my 2 year old, ends up having a recall! It gets frustrating!


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  11. Jewel says:

    I fed my son myself, but had a love-hate relationship with the whole thing, especially with the sleep deprivation and when he got teeth, but I used to take him off if he bit me and he soon learnt. I don’t blame people who bottle feed partly or totally, to get some weight on the baby. I had problems getting any weight on mine and had to take him to be weighed every week. Of course as soon as I finished breastfeeding, some new research came out that it’s OK if they don’t gain a lot of weight when fed that way. Typical! Plus another bit of research that it doesn’t necessarily help eczema, although that was the reason I’d fed him that way. Difficult to know what to do for the best. I agree with what Amanda says, people shouldn’t make comments about how you feed your baby.


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