5 Things I Love This Week

I spent a lot of time on etsy this week. I think I am gearing up for the holidays and needed a break from orange, black and pumpkins. And etsy can suck you in to a crazy vortex of crafty goodness. So, this is the all esty, all elephant edition.

To adore: I can’t wait until Spencer stops yanking on necklaces and I can wear them again.

Sterling Silver Elephant Pendant (squirrelbunny)

To protect: I actually do not have a laptop sleeve. I may need to get this one.

Laptop Sleeve 13 inch (bertiescloset)

To regret: I so wish I had seen this when Spencer was a baby. It doesn’t feel very toddlery. But at least I was lucky that the Target Dwell line was elephantastic when he was born and I have all of the blankets.

The Elephant Hat (katiesegel)

To carry: I wish I needed a tote bag, but I am bogged down in free totes and can’t really justify another. If I did need one, it would be this one for sure.

Elephant Canvas Bag (stevester)

To squee: This is cute enough to have another baby just to have someone to put it on. OR perhaps I should just buy it for a pregnant friend. That would be a little more logical.

Striped fabric elephant onesie (SweetpeasBumblebees

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  1. Alana says:

    I LOVE that necklace! So cute! And lucky you getting the Dwell stuff from Target. I saw it and it was adorable!
    Love the list and thanks for getting me started on this! It’s fun! xx


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