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I remember when Jill from Baby Rabies wrote a post about her son’s love of Crocs, I laughed and smugly thought “that won’t be us.” Karmic payback is a pain in the patootie. Spencer was given a pair of crocs for Christmas and I got them out the other day to see what size they were. I remembered them as being huge, but couldn’t remember the size. Turned out to be 4/5s and they fit perfectly. And Spencer loves them. They are so very green, go with none of his clothes and he cries when I take them off. They are also the first shoe that he has tried to put on his own foot himself and he was mostly successful.

I’m not sure how we ended up as a family of Croc wearers, luckily the adults in the family don’t wear them out of the house. And they do make excellent house shoes. I ended up with mine when I was about 7 months pregnant and a co-worker was going on and on and on telling me about how her ballet-flatish style Crocs were like walking on clouds. My tired, busted up, starting to get too swollen for my normal work shoes self ordered a pair from amazon from work that day, failing to notice the giant rhinestone on the side. These shoes are fugly, but they sure are comfy. I did wear them out on an errand or two in my 8 and 9 month, but they make my feet sweaty and I hate that, so I keep them in the house to slip on when I take out the trash or Spencer goes in the yard to play.

My husband became an even more accidental Croc owner. Well, he isn’t really even a real Croc owner. Ha. He has fake ones (we call them frocs) that he bought at a gas station when he forgot his shower shoes at a race. He loves them and wears them everyday as house shoes. I think that might be why Spencer likes his so much; he gets to be like daddy. I am simultaneously amused and horrified by my croc-wearing family.

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  1. Hahahahaha! This is me pointing and laughing at you ; )


  2. Kim says:

    This happened to me. I got sucked in to the comfort when shopping at oulet stores where Crocs were buy one get one. So i got the ballet flats and a slightly uglier sporty ballet flat. they do make my feet sweaty also but such great house shoes. or to slip on for a dog walk or taking the trash out. I know my daughter is going to get them someday…i will cherish these non Croc days.


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