First Night Out

The hubs and I weren’t really crazy party people before we had Spencer. We went to the occasional fancy dinner out, but adding Spencer to the mix didn’t really change our social agenda too much. As a result, we hadn’t been out together since Spencer was born nearly 15 months ago. We’ve never had a sitter at night. Spencer had been with my sister for a day when I went to bloggy boot camp last August, but she didn’t have to put him to bed. Well on Saturday, the hubs and I went to a work function and left Spencer for 6 whole hours, an evening if you will, and these were hours that included dinner and bedtime.

And Spencer survived. My mother-in-law, the lucky babysitter, survived. He was in his crib sleeping like a peaceful little angel when we got home. He ate dinner like a champ, didn’t poop, and went to sleep with a bottle and only two tries.  Awesome. This isn’t the first time my mother-in-law has babysat, she did a few hours a week when I was finishing up work and the hubs was out of town last April, but this is the first time she sat since he’s graduated to toddler-hood.

The work function was probably the best first night attempt we could have had because it was truly a trial by fire. The dinner was an hour or so away, so we couldn’t rush home, and had speeches and plaques and awards and such at the end of the program , so we couldn’t leave early.  We didn’t even call. Although, I think the hubs might have sped a little on the way home.

The function itself was fun. There was gin and steaks involved and I met some of his coworkers. I haven’t met too many since he transferred earlier in the year. All in all, this worked out fine, but I think the next babysitting adventure is going to involve Ruth’s Chris for much better steaks.

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5 Responses to “First Night Out”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Good for you! We took that first step for a wedding in September and it worked out surprisingly well. Of course, our babysitter was my mom, so the NEXT step is leaving Evan with an actual babysitter, the kind not related to me. THAT is going to be…difficult.


  2. I’m glad you got out! We feel really fortunate that we have so many family members near us. We’ve only left The Boy over night twice with my parents, but it was nice to have alone time with my husband.


  3. Alana says:

    We haven’t gone out too much either and when we do it has to be something we REALLY want to do like a concert or something!
    We don’t have family here so it is hard to find someone we really trust. I have a friend that is a nanny so that is usually the sitter! I am lucky that way!
    Congrats on leaving the baby and congrats on a night out with the hubs! We need it from time to time!


  4. Cole says:

    Mommy is totally impressed – every time she leaves me she calls about 27 times to check


  5. Woo-hoo! Thats awesome that you guys got a night out. And one involving gin & steaks!! My sister is the only one who can successfully get Ivy to sleep in her crib when we go out.


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