I Blame The Smirking Pigs

This is the first Monday in a long time that I haven’t scheduled a blog post the night before. I like scheduling posts, judging by the analytics, a lot of readers are on the east cost and I feel like having the post go up at midnight gives everyone a chance to read it whenever they like. You know, because I need to accommodate my thousands of readers. Ha. But, I didn’t even think about blogging yesterday.

There are lots of reasons for my ignoring this space, the most obvious being that I can. While I like to get a post up most weekdays and once on the weekend, this isn’t my job. It is a hobby and I can do what I want. I could also blame lack of inspiration or writers block or the fact that these molars Spencer is working on have destroyed any semblance of sleeping through the night that he had been working on. (Although last night he only woke up every 2 hours, so that is an improvement.) The actual truth is that I spent every moment of free time yesterday playing Angry Birds.

This might seem late in the game. I know the big Angry Birds obesseion is so three weeks ago, but I do not have an iPhone or an iPad and except for a beta version that only had 15 levels that I beat and then beat again with mostly 3 stars on every level, the Droid version of the game came out yesterday. And I am almost done with level 3, which I think is pretty good, seeing as I cared for a toddler most of the day and went to bed less than an hour after he did. So, I pretty  much have birds on the brain.

Since this is primarily a mom blog or baby blog or whatever, but certainly is not a gaming blog. Here is some Spencer news. We went to a baptism on Saturday (not his) and he slept through almost the whole thing (yay), he was awake for the party afterwords which was a toddler nightmare full of tablecloths and low tables covered in choking hazards snacks (boo). It was also wet so outside playing was limited. (Double boo). He had his first experience with a dog and thank god it was an old pug because apparently Spencer likes petting teeth. He no longer sleeps. Molars are evil. Teething can suck it. So. Very. Tired.

Bonus picture of Spencer eating his first sandwich as a reward for the readers because I have a severe case of the rambles.

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