Total Nutrition Fail

We decided to go to lunch on the spur of the moment, on the way home from running a quick errand. I didn’t have anything with me, no pacifier, no snacks, not even a diaper. I like to live on the edge. It was also noon, which is normally the start of Spencer’s nap/nap routine. We decided to risk lunch because he seemed to be in a pretty good mood, despite falling asleep in the car on the seriously 5 minute drive to the deli.

We get seated relatively quickly for arriving right at noon. The waitress to a while to come get our drink order and bring them out. Our default restaurant keep the baby entertained move is to let him eat lemons. He LOVES them. Calls them lum-lums. But we had no drinks yet. So I looked around the table, debated handing him a spoon, but that always gets thrown to the floor pretty quickly, so I handed him one of those little creamer cups.  French vanilla.

Spencer played with it, tried to smoosh it between his fingers, passed it from hand to hand. All the usual stuff. And then he put it in his mouth. I thought he might suck on it for a minute and spit it out. Nope. He turned into a total vampire baby and punctured it with his top teeth and started sucking the creamer out. We were so flabbergasted that we just kind of watched as he sucked on it and it started to run down his face, down his arms and get all over the high chair.

I thought the worst of it had passed and figured there was no need to take it away and incite a possible meltdown.  By this point, some lemons had arrived and I tried to swap one out, but he was pretty involved with the creamer. And then he hit the motherlode. Creamer everywhere. His shirt is soaked through because I didn’t have a bib with me. And he is sticky. And smells like a cheap candle. But our food came, we ate, he fell asleep in the car on the way home and we laid a very sticky little boy down for his nap. Lesson learned, do not give french vanilla non-dairy creamer to a baby. Heh.

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2 Responses to “Total Nutrition Fail”

  1. Oh no! Sticky vanilla creamer baby! I’ll keep this in the back of my mind.


  2. Annie says:

    oh no!! Totally been there! Another won’t-do-ever-again move was letting my baby play with the salt shaker. First it was just on the plate….then it was EVERYWHERE.

    Salt isn’t as bad as creamer though….what a sticky mess!


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