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Vacations have certainly changed for my family since Spencer joined us. I used to fly on a whim, meet up with my sister and have a boozy blowout of a weekend. Or my husband and I would hop in the car and head up the coast with only a loose plan. Now, I want to know where we are going, where we are going to stay when we get there and how long we are going to be there. I’ve yet to fly with Spencer and the idea of it has me completely freaked out. I would like to go visit my sister in NYC, but it seems like such an ordeal.

That, however, is not what this post is supposed to be about. It is about a dream vacation. I have my dream European vacation that I have been planning since I got back from the German exchange program in high school. My husband and I have added to it over the years and I think it would work well as a dream family vacation, albeit one where I let my nerd flag fully fly.

First, we would fly non-stop to London and Spencer would be an angel on the plane. I would love to take an open-air bus tour of London. There are a lot of sights I want to seem but don’t really need to explore them in person. Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace. I wouldn’t mind taking a tour of the Tower of London. I don’t really have a set preconceived notion of London. I kind of picture it as Chicago, but everyone is dressed in mod mini dresses. Ok. Stop laughing now, we are off to Ireland.

I have a pastoral vision of a family vacation in Ireland where we bike through the countryside and stopping in at small dairy farms and sampling cheeses. Must be too many movies. But sounds like fun. What I would really like to do – in a dream situation – is hit Dublin on Bloomsday, take a bath with some lemon scented soap, take the Ulysses tour of Dublin followed by a trip to the Guinness. What? Brewery tours are totally family friendly. Spencer went on two before he turned one.

Off to Paris! Whee! Lots to do in the City of Lights. Eiffel Tower seeing, baguette eating, Seine strolling. And then the visit to the book nerd’s holy land: Shakespeare & Company. I have dreamed of this day since I became obsessed with the 1920s expatriate novelists. Ooh. We’d maybe even take the expatriate tour of Paris, if it still exists. Or make our own. After a few days in Paris, we’d take the train to Versailles and then to Germany.

This is where my husband starts getting a little more say in the trip.  Next stop: Munich, where we would take German delivery on a M3 directly from the BMW factory and have 14 days to drive it aimlessly around the German countryside and maybe hit the Autobahn. Well, this is a dream vacation after all. And picking it up directly from the factory saves a few thousand dollars. Heh.

If this doesn’t sound like a very family friendly vacation, keep in mind that Spencer just turned one. He’s happy to be dragged all over the place as long as we work in a few stops at parks, gelato and some good food. I have a budding foodie on my hands.


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