16 Months and moving on to two syllable words

Spencer turned 16 months on Saturday and amidst all of the non-holiday hustle and bustle, I forgot. He didn’t gain much developmentally in the last month, unless throwing your arms overhead and yelling woo-hoo, or in Spencer’s case eeeee-hue, is a milestone. And maybe it should be. He is still amazing me with his speech. I talked about it last month, but this month he embarked on a two syllable word extravaganza.


He learned: yucky, people, berry, belly, hello, poopy, puppy, pizza, cookie, cracker, hippo, monkey, attack, hi-ya, birdie, turkey and for some reason he calls his diaper a ba-ba. On the one syllable word front, he added: moon, tree, pie, down, grape (sort-of, it sounds like graaa, but always means grape), chin, ear, boat, hi and I few more I am forgetting.

And these are just the words he can use correctly and in context. He frequently parrots the last word in a sentence that someone says, but doesn’t understand the meaning and doesn’t do it again. I asked him if he was ready to go home when we were at the park yesterday and he chanted home, home, home the entire walk back to the house, but he hasn’t said it again and shows no recognition of the word today.

He has a few words that are wrong in a slightly understandable way. In the store, he thinks whole red apples are tomatoes, which I understand. They look similar and he mostly eats applesauce or those little freeze dried apple bits, so we never talk about apples. He thinks all red cars are mama’s car, especially hatchbacks. I have a red wagon and our neighbor has a red Golf and he thinks both cars are mine.

He is definitely a toddler and is racing towards little boy. He loves to rearrange chairs and stack cups inside of each other. He arranges toys and food in little straight lines and is starting to make is opinion known. Everyday he amazes me and I feel lucky that he is my little boy.

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5 Responses to “16 Months and moving on to two syllable words”

  1. Cole says:

    I can eel like a monkey, but I haven’t said the word yet – Spencer has an impressive vocabulary! also, whole apples are one of my favorite snacks – AND they keep me occupied for a while!


    Amy Reply:

    I tried giving Spencer a whole apple. It didn’t go so well. He thinks everything round is for throwing…


  2. Suzanne says:

    Once again I am very impressed with Spencer’s vocab. Baby Evan still LOVES signing and can learn and new sign in less than a minute but all his words sound like “buh” or “duh” or “ma” or some combination of those. I mean, *I* know “buh-bah” means “football” and “duh-dow!” means “touchdown!” but it’s still toddler-talk and not words.


    Amy Reply:

    Evan is way ahead of Spencer as far as sports are concerned. Spencer probably won’t learn the word touchdown until high school. We are not so sporty.


  3. That’s funny about the tomato apple thing – Ivy calls tomatoes apples! She says apple so cute, sometimes it sounds like A-Bul. She’s also started referring to her brown crayon as poop-poop which I think is hilarious.


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