5 Things I Love This Week

Before my sister and I opted out of presents this year, I had already been browsing around looking for something fun related to cocktails. I always try and find something interesting for her or her husband. Last year it was these amazing whiskey glasses. Since I don’t need them and she doesn’t need to be surprised, I thought I would share my finds here.

On the Rocks Set (Uncommon Goods)

I love the concept of these – stones that can be put in the freezer and then used to chill your drink without diluting it like ice. Plus, I am a sucker for a pun. On the rocks. Heh.

beaker glass pitcher (CB2)

My love of CB2 is no secret and I have been coveting this pitcher for years and every year, I almost buy it for my sister and I never do because I want it for myself. I am an awesome sister. I would also like to add that I am kind of an idiot because this pitcher is only $5.95 (I know!). There is no reason we don’t both own this pitcher by now.

Cast Iron Wrench Bottle Opener (Design Within Reach)

I LOVE this. I would either buy it for my brother-in-law or was seriously considering it for my husband’s birthday present (which happens to be on Christmas). It would be a neat twist because he normally gets me cast iron cookware for my birthday. We are super romantic like that. But, we have at least 4 bottle openers and at $30 this seems a little pricey. It is sort of a quintessential person who has everything gift, but I think it is a great concept and normally DWR’s stuff is pretty well executed.

Bitters (Kegworks)

I’m so intrigued by these. I didn’t even know that there were different flavors of bitters. I don’t make enough fancy cocktails to justify the purchase, but this would have been fun to get for my sister. (If you are noticing a trend, why yes, I do buy things for my sister based on whether I would buy them for myself. It is an excellent way to shop and we have similar tastes.) She and her husband like reproducing drinks they get out at home. And create all sorts of fun drinks on their own. They also introduced me to the JFK Martini, which is just killer.

Antique-Silver Swivel Stir Set (Pottery Barn)

I kept coming back to these trying to will them to be my sister’s style, but they just aren’t. A little to prim, I think. The stirrers are fine, it is the vase, if it was square or more modern I would be all over it. And I just noticed that it is engraved with the word swizzle, which makes this completely unacceptable for her, but still quite cute.


These are just all sorts of wrong.

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4 Responses to “5 Things I Love This Week”

  1. Jenni Chiu says:

    Uncommon Goods is my most favorite store ever! I’ve also been eyeing those rocks for a good while now.
    Can I make the things you love the things I love? I like your style, lady.


    Amy Reply:

    I love Uncommon Goods so much. I’ve purchased so many great gifts
    from them. Love it all.


  2. Oh, I need those bitters. I could make a kick ass rum punch with the West Indian orange. Thanks for some inspiration, I was just trying to figure out what I could put on my list that isn’t cookware!


    Amy Reply:

    I bet you can find them in a liquor store somewhere. I looked around at the liquor store where I live, but no such luck in the burbs. Also, if I ever end up visiting my sister before she leaves NYC, I am inviting myself to your house for rum punch. :)


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