5 Things I Love This Week

Post Halloween, most of you are probably sick of candy. I’m sick of chocolate, but I keep eating it. I’m a sugar junkie though and never get sick of sugary candy. This weeks loves are inspired by my sweet, sweet habit.

These candy inspired ponytail holders are adorable, fresh without being too cutesy.

Mimiandlola (Etsy)

There are a bunch of different candy prints on the site, but I kept coming back to these colored licorice keds. I would have rocked these as a kid, no question.

Licorice Keds Shoes (Zazzle)

A set of cute note cards with a nice pen is one of my clutch gifts when I just don’t know what to get someone. I think it has a bit of retro charm and you never know when you are going to need a note card. These gumdrop cards are too cute.

SW Fotografie (Cafe Press)

I remember making chains and mats with gum wrappers in junior high and these products bring back some fun memories. I am loving the trend of reuse in green design, like the recycled seat-belt handbags, and I love this recycled gum wrapper cuff.

Large Bracelet - Confetti Collection (ecoist)

This one is mostly for the So Cal people. Rocket Fizz is a great store with tons of retro candy and funky sodas. And one came to my town! And because I am lazy, I haven’t been there yet, but I am really looking forward to it. A quick peep at their website shows that they are opening up new stores all over Southern California. And oddly, Lincoln, Nebraska. You can also order online, but that seems like a lot less fun.


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