Already losing that holiday spirit

I don’t know what it is, but this year I am really not feeling the holidays. It might be because the hubs is working both Thanksgiving and Christmas and probably New Years too. A job transfer shifted him to low man on the scheduling totem pole and this is the result.  And I think it sucks. Not only is he working Thanksgiving he is working the entire Thanksgiving weekend, Thursday to Sunday. It is going to be boring. Also, I already cooked a turkey to make the recipes for Turkey Week over on Soup or Salad Blog, so it’s not like I even have the food to look forward to. I’m not making it again.

And Christmas is going to be just as dull. My sister is going to Hawaii with her in-laws for Christmas, which is awesome because if anyone deserves a break it is my hard-working sister, but it means none of my family will be here on Christmas. She is coming the week before, on her way, which YAY, we haven’t seen each other since August.

All of this has left me pretty sour on the holidays. We can’t get a tree. Spencer would just pull it down. I might put a wreath on the door and hang stockings, but that is about it. Is it too early to be this grinchy? Can anything snap me out of it? Only time will tell. I guess my husband, the eternal hater of all things Christmas is finally rubbing off on me. Not even this picture, one of my all time favorites from last Christmas is working its magic.

Grinch update: Since writing this in the morning and reviewing it tonight, I thought of 2 things I am not hating about this holiday season: picking out the cards (but not writing, addressing or sending them) and making photo albums to give as gifts.

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2 Responses to “Already losing that holiday spirit”

  1. I feel for you, that would make anyone miserable!

    This is actually the first year in a LONG time where I’ve been a bit excited about the holidays.


  2. Cole says:

    :( I’m sorry your husband has to work ALL the holidays – that just sucks. You have some time to get back in the holiday spirit, though… Maybe “adopt” a less fortunate family and prepare a meal or gifts for them? We have an organization near us that facilitates that kind of thing, but there are always the toy drives at the mall this time of year. It might give you a lift to be someone’s Santa.


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