An Open Letter

Dear Spouses of Stay-at-Home Parents-

It is entirely possible that we do not know that we have chocolate on our faces. We may not know about the peanut butter on the seat of our jeans or the fact that aggressive toddler hugs have turned our hair-dos into rats nests. Feel free to let us know BEFORE we leave the house.

This may seem like an obvious request, but moms and dads head out every day with entirely preventable messes on their persons. Twitter doesn’t lie. It is happening all over the country, every day. And, here’s the thing, the odds are a goodbye was said to you before departure? Probably in person. Feel free to say something about the mushed up cookie-paste. It probably went unnoticed by the wearer of said paste. Say something. We won’t be offended. But, we might be mad when we notice it AFTER we have left the grocery store.

Thank you.

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One Response to “An Open Letter”

  1. Oh my gosh! Yes! I can’t tell you the times I’ve gone out with spit up running down my back or a wet spot on my jeans from goodness knows what!


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