Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs

I think Babble is missing an awesome opportunity when they do lists like the Top 50 Mom Blogs, that came out today. Same with the Twitter list Babble did a few months ago. I wonder how many names overlap between the blogging and tweeting lists, quite a few. And how many of the same people appeared on the list in 2009, again, probably the bulk of the list. However, tt does get people talking and I am sure generates a massive amount of page views and traffic, so good for Babble.

Babble’s concession to the people not on the list? Allowing people to add themselves nominate their favorite blogger. Which then turns in to massive trolling for votes that go nowhere and after a week no one cares and they turn their attention back to Top Baby Blogs or whatever. Or at least that is what happened with the Twitter Moms list. Maybe I am being too cynical in assuming the same thing will happen with the mom blog list.

To be honest, I didn’t count. But it sure feels like it is always the same people. Maybe it is time for Babble to do a Mom Bloggers: The Next Generation list. I love lists. I read a lot of them. Babble has some options here. They could allow people to submit nominations via a form and just collate them and list the Top 5. Eliminate the voting, just go by sheer volume of nominations. They could have an up-and-coming list. Rising Stars, if you will. This is common practice in magazines, just throw some sort of sidebar in there. Babble could also include one honorable mention in each category.

Or widen the group so there aren’t the same people in all of the categories. What if they just had to pick one category for each person? Put Dooce in Funniest (or whatever) and then take her out of the running for the other categories. Does she need to be in Design, Controversial AND best written? One per person. That is how Senior Best do it in yearbooks and isn’t this just a big list of the popular kids at Blogger High?

I wonder, if names were removed, if posts from this year from all of these bloggers were mixed in with lesser known bloggers,  if the results would be the same. Or is this just a list of the 50 most famous bloggers. Maybe we should declare them pro and start a blogging olympics for the amateurs. With some new categories: best photography blog, best craft blog, best food blog, just to name a few – all while staying in the parameters of mom blogs. It would not be hard.

I initially finished this by including the 5 blogs I thought most deserved to be on the list. Then I thought I should just nominate them, but I didn’t want to involve them in a popularity contest, possibly against their wishes. And they weren’t just my friends, or blogs I liked, or the most famous of the next tier of bloggers; I can look past some of my personal preferences and acknowledge good blogging. Can Babble look past their own bias? I hope so.

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9 Responses to “Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs”

  1. Colleen says:

    Sounds like you need to make your own list! ;)


  2. Des says:

    I totally agree with you. Seeing the same names over and over (and over and over) is making the whole ‘mom blogger’ domain seem old and stale. I don’t even bother to look at lists like that anymore because, hey, I already know about Dooce, thanks. They’re missing so many amazing blogs.


    Amy Reply:

    I understand that it is Babble’s list and they can do what they want, but you are so right. They are missing SO MANY blogs.


  3. Suzanne says:

    For the record, I totally nominated myself for the Top 50 Mom Bloggers list last year and trolled for votes for weeks. Then I asked Babble if they were ever going to, you know, CLOSE the list and the answer was No. They just left it up. I’m assuming they’ve now replaced it with the 2010 list but being in the top 50 (for a while I was on the first page thanks to my constant nagging) didn’t actually mean ANYTHING. I didn’t even get much traffic from it. And the bloggers already on this years list certainly don’t need the traffic.

    I LOVE the idea of only letting the amateurs compete. I’d love it even more if it was somehow not totally a popularity contest. Because I am never going to get as many solicited votes as some of the larger (yet non-“pro”) blogs. It’s why I’ve stopped asking for them on Top Baby Blogs.

    Ugh, I’m putting way too much energy into thinking about this. I’m having a “why do I even BOTHER???” kind of week re: blogging.


    Amy Reply:

    I almost didn’t even post this because I didn’t want to come of as bitter and jealous because I am not. Not about this anyway. What bugged me most is seeing the same people reranked in all of the categories. I kinda feel like at this point some of them should just excuse themselves like Oprah did at the Daytime Emmys.


    Suzanne Reply:

    One of the blog awards (The Bloggies, maybe?) retires people from a category after 3 years or something. So Dooce is no longer eligible for Best Mom Blog and The Bloggess is no longer eligible for Funniest and Smitten Kitchen is no longer eligible for Best Cooking Blog, etc. You don’t get a TOTAL change every year but it’s very Oprah-like.


  4. TMae says:

    I don’t even look at the lists anymore (and I LOVE me some lists) because it’s all the same, all the time. Babble’s been getting a bit of crap lately for not diversifying their “Best Of” lists. I mean, I know they’re reader nominated and voted, but…yeah. It’s kinda boring.


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