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Not that kind! Get your mind out of the gutter. Ahem. I never really decorated Spencer’s room. We got a rug and a crib and left the recliner (the room used to be our den). The TV stand/storage locker turned in to a changing table we never really used. My sister and I covered the ceiling with dot decals which, while cute, kind of undermined decorating the rest of the room. We added an elephant toy chest, the rocktopus and hung two elephant related pictures on the wall.

I’m bored with the dots and going to take them down, but then the room is going to be BORING. I have a quilt to finish to help transition the room to more of a big boy feel and I do not want to repaint the walls. The paint is only 2 years old and is a really pretty light grey. Oh, and we just inherited a quirky vintage dresser. I have no idea what to do and I am asking you guys for help.

Will be keeping the crib and bedding. Also have blue sheets.

Dresser, toy chest in the corner

Messy cabinet

Little bookcase and Babar pic (which is staying for sure)

At this point in writing this post, my laptop poofed my entire iPhoto library. I’m restoring with Backblaze but it takes awhile. I got most of the photos included except a better picture of the rug.  It is this one from Ikea and we love it so that will stay too:

And this is the quilt top. I am thinking it might be the inspiration for the colors, but I don’t love the colors as much as I love the idea of finishing and using the quilt.

I don’t want anything to thematic, but I just don’t know where to start. So, my design savvy and creative readers, suggestions welcome. Point me to your inspirations and design ideas, show me your rooms or ones you like online. Please.

PS, if anyone wants the dots, they are reusable, let me know. I will mail anywhere in US.

PPS, it is Veterans Day. Thank a veteran, kiss a veteran, hug a veteran. Here is my post from last year about my dad, a veteran.

PPPS, why don’t we do the poopy thing here? Someone should make that happen. Maybe Amazon could carry them. (What? Too soon? They pulled the book.)

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8 Responses to “Bedroom Help”

  1. Slee says:

    not entirely non-thematic, but because of the tilt of the wall, i’d want to do a sky or outdoorsy tree-ish mural on it. but i’m a fan of murals.


  2. Slee says:

    also, props on the “turning twenty” quilt top!


    Amy Reply:

    I have to laugh because I have no idea what “turning twenty” means and then the lady at the quilt store just called it the same thing when I went to buy fabric for the back.


  3. Slee says:

    turning twenty is a very simple quilt design. you take twenty fat quarters, stack them in four piles of five. cut them with a rotary cutter into the proper shapes, mix up the various pieces, and reassemble into blocks, rotating each block as you assemble it. result? your quilt. :-)


  4. Suzanne says:

    I would paint the dresser, maybe the footlocker. Blues & greens with some random bright color thrown in – maybe yellow, to match Babar’s frame. Make a fabric pendant banner (search Etsy for ideas) to use as a valence. Make a matching throw pillow for the recliner. Spray paint random thrift store crap in colors to match. TA-DA! Every nursery ever featured on Ohdeedoh!!


    Amy Reply:

    I think we might stick the foot locker in the closet for a bit. I figure it is only a matter of time before Spencer tries to dance on top of it. I keep waiting for inspiration to smack me in the face – so far it hasn’t happened.


  5. Cole says:

    I’m absolutely no help with design stuff, but I LOVE that IKEA rug – what great colors! And if Mommy didn’t suspect those dots would class with my turquoise wall, I’d be all about them – they’re so cute!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! My husband picked the rug out. We love it. The dots are blue, brown and green, so they would probably clash. Too bad!


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