Election Day!

I love election day. I love voting. I feel like it is my civic duty and I am doing my part to keep our country going. Also, my dad always told me that you lose the right to complain if you don’t vote. And I would never, ever give up my right to complain.

I vividly remember the first time I voted. I happened to turn 18 in a presidential election year, 1992 in fact, and I was actively excited about voting for Bill Clinton. He was gunning for the young vote and it totally worked. I have voted every year since then. Every year, even the non-presidential, not-gubernatorial boring years. Every year. (Unlike one of our gubernatorial candidates. Ahem.)

I prefer to vote by absentee ballot in the comfort of my own home. None of the pressure of the polling place for me. I refuse, however, to mail it in. I am convinced they do not really count them. So every year, I take my sealed ballot to the polling place and drop it off. Plus, then I get my sticker. Why yes, I am a big fat voting dork. As an added bonus, a trip to the polling place is a good way to include Spencer in the voting process. Last year, we walked to the polling place, with Spencer all tiny in the Ergo. This year he can walk with us. Awesome.

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5 Responses to “Election Day!”

  1. Cole says:

    Mommy loves voting, too – she was actually born on election day and Grammy and Coach stopped to vote on the way to the hospital!


  2. Marci says:

    gotta love that sticker… makes me proud to walk out of the polling place with it.


  3. Hey I think we are the same age b/c my first voting year was also in the Bill Clinton election! I also get that dorky satisfaction about voting- although this year I’m a little apprehensive since we have officially said goodbye to those gianormous old voting machines and hello to scanned ballots. I loved the old machines and am weary of this new technology. I’m voting on my way home from work tonight since the polling place is only 3 blocks from my house.


  4. Suzanne says:

    The old people at our polling place gave Little Evan an “I Voted!” sticker for “helping” me. It was adorable. And I also am a huge dork who votes every year, even if it’s just for school board members or judges or whatever. I feel like NOT voting is like slapping Susan B Anthony in the face.

    p.s. The chair Spencer is in is the exact one I ordered & got in the mail today. Thank you SO MUCH for the link!


  5. I always vote, even the primaries. I love going to the polling place because my first few years voting I was registered in San Diego since that was my permanent address, so I had to vote via absentee ballot. Now I always go. This will be Bronwyn’s second trip to the polls with me since we voted in June for the primary.

    After work I’ll go pick her up and take her to vote. Last time they gave us both stickers, so I’m guessing she’ll get one again this time too :)


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