Making Holiday Memories

I don’t have a ton of memories of growing up. Almost none before about 3rd grade and it is really spotty until high school. I’ve blocked out a ton of high school too. I went to school with the hubs and he will bring up thinks I had completely forgotten. I remember snippets here and there, some because we have pictures of it and some I remember the flash of the moment.

I remember using the big metal food grinder that clamped on to the counter to help my mom make her cranberry salad. I can still smell the moment the oranges ground in to the cranberries.

I remember tearing the bread for stuffing the night before, always tearing, never cutting.

I remember someone always ended up in tears.

I remember the year we had Thanksgiving in Arizona because it was my Aunt that made my mom cry instead of me or my sister.

I remember my sister always wanted to leave because all of her friends had dinner at 1 and were done and we ate at 5 and they were already hanging out somewhere.

I remember the Thanksgiving my mom had too much to drink and asked me if I was a virgin at the table. My sister stepped in and saved me from that somehow.

I remeber the first thanksgiving after my dad died in 2004 and it was so horrible my sister said she would never come home for a holiday again. And I was living with my mom and couldn’t leave.

I remember the last Thanksgiving with my mom. She had cancer and knew it was her last.

When I think about my happiest Thanksgiving memory, it does not involve my family. It involves college friends, a bunch of beer and the year I didn’t go home.

I hope I can make better memories for Spencer. Starting next year. This year, I sucked.

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3 Responses to “Making Holiday Memories”

  1. Cole says:

    We’re so sorry the you don’t have happier memories of Thanksgiving… It’s Mommy’s favorite holiday – we kind of want to invite you next year! If you can make e trip to NY, you’re welcome – We always have a pretty big group…


  2. Natalie says:

    Don’t be to hard on yourself, the holidays are hard, and you WILL make them better for Spencer, simply because you want to.

    I strive to do the same thing for my girls, and I often feel I am failing and they are going to be horribly scarred. But provided their scars aren’t the same ones I have, I would call it progress.


    Natalie Reply:

    er, too hard, rather.
    Grammar mistakes make me CRAZY…especially my own.


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