Sometimes a mother’s heart just melts

I just had one of those moments. We were eating dinner and Spencer is a little full and bored of the current options. I was solo-parenting dinner and feeling too lazy to get up and fetch yet another food option for the toddler who is just learning to be picky. So, I grabbed a spoon and took a bite of his applesauce and made a big mmmmm sound. I tried offering him a bite. He still shook his head and said no. I took another bite, made another mmmm. This time I tried offering him a little applesauce, but gave him the handle of the spoon – we are just starting the who gets to wield the spoon struggles. Spencer stuck the bite in his mouth and made a huge mmmm sound. It is best represented by mmmMMMMmm, it had an arcing quality. My heart seriously exploded with the cuteness. He is turning in to such a little parrot. We better stop dropping f-bombs around the house.

My spoon. Miiiiiiine.

Also, tonight I am awash in such bittersweet feelings about Spencer growing up. Except when he is sleeping in my lap, he just doesn’t seem like a baby any more and I gave him such a little boy bath today. He has a bruise on his leg, scraped knees and he was so dirty from the park and playing outside today that the bathwater got turned. I am not sure if I am ready for him to be so big.

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