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Suzanne of Bebehblog did a post some time ago about the books she was sick of reading to her son. I remember being startled not to see Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See on there. That book drives me insane. I finally got smart and I leave it in the car. Spencer is excited to see it and it calms him down right away if he is fussing in his car seat and I never have to read it. Win-win.

I thought with the holidays fast approaching, this might be a good time to talk about childrens books we love and books we hate, as we update our wish lists. Spencer loves the Sandra Boynton books and I find I don’t get as tired of reading those. He especially loves Fifteen Animals and there is also an awesome free song version. I swear this book is the reason he knows so many animal words. He also likes the That’s Not My [Noun] books. He has the tractor and kitty versions. These are more of an every in awhile type of book. More than twice in a row gets old.

Side Note: I really want to make a facebook albums with pictures of my male friends and call it That’s Not My Daddy. Example: That’s not my daddy is head is too shiny (and use a picture of a friend that shaves his head) and then I could end with That’s my daddy his hair is so red. But I figured that either people will not get it or be offended.  Sorry, got off topic, there. Back to books.

Why I am talking about books? Besides the fact that I love them, I have a giveaway for you! A $25 Barnes and Noble Gift card in fact. So you can buy awesome books and shun the crappy ones. Or DVDs if you hate books. You don’t hate books to you? It can also be used online.

How to enter:

Leave one comment telling me your favorite and/or least favorite book for a toddler.  That is it. I am keeping it short and sweet.

The fine print: An winner will be selected via on Monday November 22nd. US residents only because I don’t know if the gift card works outside of the US. Barnes & Noble did not sponsor this giveaway or provide the card for this purpose. I got it with credit card points, if you must know, and I am sharing it with you. Because I looooooove you.

I also am giving away a FuzziBuns Diaper here.

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27 Responses to “Story Time”

  1. Cole says:

    It’s so nice of you to giveaway something you bought yourself! I gave away BlogHer swag, but I didn’t actually pay for any of that…

    I LOVE books – Mommy knows what you mean about those “That’s Not My…” books – I have the pirate one, the train, and Mommy’s least favorite the snowman. Our favorite book varies week to week, but Goodnight, Gorilla is consistently top 5 :)


  2. Suzanne says:

    OMG, I am totally doing “That’s not my daddy!” TOTALLY. And I’m going to make it hilariously awesome, like a picture of Donald Trump that says “That’s not my daddy, his wallet is too big!” OMG OMG OMG. When I make a million dollars with this, I promise to buy you a latte as a thank you gift. TWO lattes.

    We have the reindeer version & access to the dinosaur version but I think I’m going to buy ALL the other ones for Christmas. Because I don’t hate them, Baby Evan does love them, and I figure if I have 20 different ones they will get less boring.

    p.s. We don’t own Brown Bear Brown Bear, because as much as I LOVE Eric Carle, I would like to continue to love Eric Carle.


  3. Sarah says:

    Oh geez. Least favorite. When Danny was little, it was goodnight moon. I refuse to even try to read it to Tristan I am that scarred.


  4. Ivy really loves Go Dog,Go and I love Are You My Mother. She loves Brown Bear too but it’s currently hidden in a part of the bookshelf she can’t reach. Also, The Runaway Bunny cracks me up every time because he says “If you become the wind and blow me”


  5. Emmie Bee says:

    Hudson loves Goodnight Moon & Two Wheels for Grover.


  6. Brittany says:

    I like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, but we have it in German from when hubs was a kid and for some reason that makes it even more fun!

    Do not like… this bad adaptation of Disney 101 Dalmatians. And I’ve had to read it 5 million times.


  7. I can’t think of the name of the book right now but it’s an ABC type of book with an animal representing each letter in the alphabet. MJ LOVES this book. And its like a super sturdy one so he can’t rip the damn pages out of it. Ok, I got off my lazy butt. It’s called “Bright Baby Animals”.


  8. Nichole says:

    We love “The Napping House” and “Jamberry.” My kids seriously never tire of them and we enjoy them too. :)


  9. Jennifer says:

    My son loves “Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You”. I have seriously read this book so many times that I have memorized it…


  10. Joanna says:

    We love the “If you give a mouse a cookie” books. They are a favorite around here!


  11. Sheila Hickmon says:

    My toddler loves Q Pootle 5. It’s his favorite. I can’t stand reading just about any Barney book, and he likes those too lol!


  12. Jody says:

    Our favorite book is I Love You Stinky Face. I’m tired of reading Goodnight Gorilla and of course it’s one of her favorites.

    My 2 cents: I TOTALLY think you should make a That’s Not My Daddy facebook album. Best.Idea.Ever


  13. awesome giveaway! poppy’s OMG FAVORITE BOOK EVARRRR is “goodnight moon”. probably because i sing her all the words – she luuuurves that thing. her other favorite is any book that has counting – we have one with little 3-d caterpillers that goes from 10 to 1; also a major hit around these parts!

    thanks for the fun contest, dear! xoxo!


  14. bramberdon says:

    I love love love the Piggie and Elephant books by Mo Willems for toddlers! My daughter laughs when we read them because they are so silly and fun!


  15. Janice says:

    If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! What a cute little story :)


  16. amy says:

    My boys have all loved the “How do Dinosaurs…….” series. I HATE reading “Love you Forever”. I can’t get through the darn book with out crying.


  17. Chelsey says:

    Hmmm … we like Llama Llama Red Pajama (did I even spell that right?!?!) and Olivia’s Opposites … not a fan of the classic Little Engine that Could and Thomas the Train’s Christmas (both in paper turning form – ugh! – and looooooong too long … for any child under 10!).


  18. Johnna says:

    I love ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’!


  19. Ashley says:

    I never get tired of reading The Monster At The End Of This Book. I read it when I was a kid, and now I read it to my son. :)


  20. Karen Foster says:

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear was a favorite of mine


  21. Jen J. says:

    Harold & The Purple Crayon is my favorite. It inspired me to get a purple moon tattoo, so I can always find my way home.


  22. Colleen says:

    I’m not sure if toddlers still like this book, but I love reading “Good Night Moon” to my son. :D


  23. alissa says:

    how sweet to share your gift card! my daughter loves pop-up books and anything with animals or the moon :]


  24. Casey says:

    We love brown Bear, brown bear and Baby Cakes. My daughter loved the rhyming in them. Thanks!


  25. Devon F says:

    Fifteen animals is awesome. We also like Good Night Chicago and But Not The Hippopotamus.


  26. Midwest Elle says:

    My favorite toddler book is Go Dog Go by PD Eastman. When my mom read it to me as a child she would do so with SO MUCH enthusiasm and expression. I think this helped my love grow for reading. Now I read this book to my daughter and she seems to love it as well.


  27. the grumbles says:

    here’s my story: i HATE, hate hate hate eric carle and his goddammned busy spider and his curséd hungry caterpillar. this is probably sacrilege, because i know a lot of people love them and unfortunately the includes my child. for the record, a butterfly builds a chrysalis, not a cocoon. i always finish the last page with… “and he was a beautiful cecropia moth!” …because i am a dork like that. sorry.

    i’m a big fan of sandra boynton and richard scary and the kid likes *ANYTHING* with a dog in it.


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