Trickin’ and Treatin’ and Whatnot

This was the first year Spencer really celebrated Halloween with a costume and extremely limited trick-or-treating. I attempted to take him to the mall for the big kids thing they do every year, but I barely made it though the parking lot before I was overwhelmed by the number of people. I bailed out and went to the Starbucks across the street and the sweet baristas helped Spencer got his fix of people telling him he’s cute. And cute he was. I dressed him as Kenickie from Grease.

Headed to the mall

That ended up being the first attempt at the hair style. Between the car seat and playing, it was destroyed by the time we wanted to head out trick-or-treating a few hours later. I had some trouble getting him to stand still for a photo. Clearly.

Spencer doing his first trick-or-treat. Of course he tripped in the doorway, so the upright photo is staged. This is the house of a friend of mine who lives in the neighborhood. I don’t just let him wander in to any old house. This is technically his 3rd Halloween at this friend’s house. He was here in 2008 as a week or so old fetus. In 2009, he spit up all over her couch and his pumpkin onesie. And now, in 2010, he could finally trick-or-treat. He said TOES instead because she was barefoot and he has a minor toe obsession, but hey, it starts with T.

Then we headed home and trick-or-treated at the neighbors house and Spencer was very confused by their costumed cat. The neighbor said there hadn’t been any trick-or-treaters yet, so we got home just in time. The whole trick-or-treating process was a little hard on Spencer. He got excited when there was a knock on the door; he liked looking at the kids, but then when they left and I closed the door, he cried and cried. Hubs was at work, so there wasn’t much I could do about it.  I guess I could have turned out the light, but I kind of wanted to get rid of the candy. I finally got out all of the special occasion toys that are kept put away and Spencer was distracted.

I managed to get him bathed during a lull in the visitors and he went to sleep with out much fuss. I did turn out the light while I was upstairs nursing him to sleep. Kids knocked anyway. Respect the porch light, people.

All in all, it was a pretty fun Halloween. A few people thought he was Fonzie, but once they saw the back of his jacket, they knew he was a T-Bird. Lesson learned: costume should be clear from the front. I decorated the jacket using sticky back felt and a little glue stick for the stubborn places around the seams. It was just durable enough for this year because we only went to 2 houses and Starbucks. I barely attached the letters so I would be able to get normal use out of the jacket for the winter. The rest of the outfit was clothes he already had, so it was not a very expensive costume and it can all be reused, which is nice.

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!

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6 Responses to “Trickin’ and Treatin’ and Whatnot”

  1. That is a cute costume! I love that you just used things on hand and can reuse the jacket for the winter!


  2. this is an AWESOME costume! major points for creativity & nostalgia! ;D xoxoxo!


  3. Cole says:

    I *love* Spencer’s costume! We didn’t get very many trick-or-treaters, which is a good thing because they made Henry crazy – Mommy was afraid he was going to wake me up with all the barking! Hopefully next year I’ll get to trick-or-treat myself!

    Thanks for linking up to my Halloween Parade!


  4. Alana says:

    So cute! Looks like you had so much fun.
    Good job mama!
    Spencer is adorable!


  5. Suzanne says:

    Awesome costume. One day my kid might have enough hair to not buy costumes with attached headpieces to keep him from catching pneumonia.


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is an awesome costume. So damn cute.


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