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The awesome feltiness that is Uff Da! Designs is one of the worst kept secrets on the internet.  Emily Bilbrey, the crafty hands behind Uff Da is a work-at-home mama to the adorable Poppy, who creates whimsical and completely customizable head bands, hair clips, hats, dresses, bibs and more and sells them in her Etsy shop. Emily’s amazing creations are not just for kids. Well, the baby dresses and bibs are just for kids, but the head bands and hair clips, those are for everybody. Even, um, Spencer.

Lets talk head bands. They are one of the newer additions to the shop and I love them. Let’s admire one on Emily, shall we?

Perfect Poppy Headband

The poppy headbands are also available in a newer style, which is felt layered with vintage fabrics, available in yellow, teal, and charcoal florals  and navy dots. Speaking of navy polka dots…

Hubs and I could not agree on which picture to use. So I put them both. Feel free to guess who picked which picture.

And then check out this adorableness – poinsettias. Just in time to fancy up your hair for holiday parties or adorn your baby’s hair while she sits on Santa’s lap. I’m pretty sure a red one of these babies will be in my hair come Christmas Eve.

The poppy is also available, as a head band or clip, in festive Christmas colors:

So festive!

So, why am I writing this ode to Uff Da? Because I have the priveledge of giving away an awesome handmade flortastic headband. One winner will be selected via random.org and can pick either a perfect poppy, fabric layered or poinsettia headband. I am so excited about this giveaway. Also, it is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. All you need to do to enter is to go visit Uff Da and leave a comment telling me something that you love in the shop. While you are there, check out her vintage stuff, too. It is adorable. Emily has excellent taste. GO FORTH AND ENTER!

Winner will be announced Friday 12/3. The last day to place an order for delivery by Christmas is 12/8, so I’m doing a quick giveaway to give people a chance to order if they want to hold out for a win.

Disclosure: Emily was going to send me a head band. I asked if I could use it for a giveaway instead. She sent me one and let me do a giveaway, too. She is just that awesome. The opinions in this review/love letter to uff da are my own. I clearly like her work. A lot.

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25 Responses to “uff da!”

  1. Katherine says:

    Well I already bought the dark purple headband but I LOVE the two-fabric ones too! Oh and the grey one.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Would you believe I am wearing that SAME blue polka-dot poppy headband right now? RIGHT NOW. It makes my wet-hair-messy-ponytail look classy.

    But OMG those pointsettias. O. M. F. G. I need one in every color. Thanks for the giveaway lady!


  3. Slee says:

    i love the bright blue and sky perfect poppy hair clip.


  4. alissa says:

    i love emilys work! i like the poppy headbands with vintage fabric layered in :]


  5. Jody says:

    I would hard pressed to pick only one thing that I heart at the uff da shop. We love our upcycled sweater hats. I really love the felt bow but I think my current favorite is the charcoal floral headband.


  6. I love the yellow one with the vintage fabric in it, and the red poinsettia would be perfect for my little girl for Christmas.


  7. Alana says:

    I would love another sweater hat for Baby D!


  8. Midwest Elle says:

    Poinsettias were my grandma’s favorite flower. I deeply miss her!


  9. amylee says:

    first off, i reserve the right to change my mind because i absolutely cannot decide on which one cute thing i would choose right at this moment! too much pressure ;)

    but i really do want one of those awesome uff da bandanas for my bebeh.

    hope i win! :)


  10. Melanie says:

    Which one? It’s so hard to choose. I think with our first Santa Picks around the corner a poinsettia would be very appropriate. Or a yellow with vintage fabric?


  11. wendy says:

    Hey! Dude, I totally read your blog.
    I love the wands on her site! Too cute, and the ends are soft so you can hit your sister on the head with it!!


  12. Well, I love the happy bird clips. Ivy instantly pulls clips out of her hair but I would like to imagine she too would be overwhelmed by the loveliness that is Uff Da and would wear them. I like the poppy headbands w/ the vintage fabric for me :)


  13. the grumbles says:

    i tried to enter earlier! where did my comment go! RAHHHH computer!!

    i like the chompy-chomp shark hat. for my kid. and maybe me. ok?


  14. Alena says:

    Ok. Look women. I went on a twitrant a few weeks ago about headbands. I don’t know how to wear them and make them look cute. I need a serious headband intervention or something. I buy them, and then I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Hair down? Hair up? Hair in a ponytail? It’s not long enough with a bun, which I think always looks cute.

    If I win, will you teach me? Please and thank you.

    Also? I want an Auburn one? Can I get one?


  15. TMae says:

    I’ve never been a headband wearer, but a few months ago I had a serious lapse in judgment and had some bangs cut. And now they’re at that awful growing-out stage where they’re not long enough to get the hell out of my face, but not short enough to look cute. Enter: The headband. Plus, you and Suzanne keep pushing them… ;-)

    I love the perfect poppy in fuchsia, and my hair would thank you for it. :-)


  16. I Love the vintage Poppy headbands. Classy and cute all at once!!!


  17. Alison says:

    I love her new headbands! I want one in gray, one in mustard yellow…okay, one in every color will do :)


  18. Law Momma says:

    limited edition perfect poppy headband in vintage charcoal floral

    That. That is what I want. Give it to me. It’s okay, I’ll wait…..

    ::tapping my fingers::



  19. Brittany says:

    Well, I like pretty much everything on the site, but have only purchased stuff for the kid. Would be nice to have something for myself! :)


  20. pegs says:

    Oh for cute! I love the perfect poppy headband in navy dot that she has listed – but really, I love everything there :)


  21. Becca says:

    I love her headbands! The red one would be great for Christmas!


  22. Stephanie says:

    i love love love the midnight poppy headband :)


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