Week in (I don’t have an) iPhone Pictures

I love emmie bee‘s week in iPhone photo posts, and then I saw the posts on Kristi Maristi and Bebehblog too and I wanted to do one, but held off for two reasons, I don’t take that many pictures with my phone and I don’t do much that is interesting. But, I though I would try it for a week and tried to take at least one picture with my phone every day. Most of them ended up backyard pictures, but still kinda fun. And yes, Spencer wears green shoes and an orange hat. every. single. day.


Spencer learned how to pick a flower. Then he ripped it to shreds.


He finally got the courage to go to the far side of the yard which kind of sucks...

...because I have to duck under this to go get him. Ew.


And Spencer figured out how to open and close the back screen door which is a development of questionable awesomness.


He looked all cute and grown up on the bench. And then he moved. (But we left the house. Play date at the park. Woot!)


First whole string cheese. I am trying to cut fewer things up for Spencer. This was a success!


Family trip to the very soggy park. This was our first trip here with Spencer. We both spent tons of time here as kids (separately) and in high school (together, but not "together") and then finally for lunch breaks when we both worked in town,

Look, no crocs!


Getting his brown bear on. (And yes, I fixed his chest strap after I took the pic)

You'd think I would have learned from the time he climbed the case of toilet paper.

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10 Responses to “Week in (I don’t have an) iPhone Pictures”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I…don’t see anything wrong with the chest strap. Obviously I am a child safety EXPERT.

    I’m very impressed at Spencer’s hat-wearing.


    Amy Reply:

    That was mainly for my husband, who actually IS a trained car seat expert, lol. The strap is too low. It should be centered over the chest/heart, that is more top of the belly.


  2. wow, spencer is adorable. i’m in love with his crocs & hat he wears everywhere. i’m a new subscriber now, btw :)


    Amy Reply:

    I subscribed to you today, too! I followed you on twitter, but hadn’t been reading your blog. I do now!


  3. Emmie Bee says:

    Hudson never keeps his hats on. So jealous! He is so cute, Amy! And your outside chairs are SO COOL and COLORFUL! I love them.


    Amy Reply:

    I think Spencer keeps his hat on because his dad is always wearing a hat. He tries to be a mini-me. The chairs are from CB2. I used my baby shower as an excuse to buy them. Surprisingly comfy too.


  4. TMae says:

    How much do I love that he’s standing on a box of Sierra Nevada beer? And a festive one, at that.


    Amy Reply:

    Oh how I love me some Celebration Ale. We used to throw a party every year in college when it came out. And then I lived in the Motherland (Chico) for a year and Sierra Nevada was cheaper than water. Lots of drinking that year…


    TMae Reply:

    I grew up in San Jose and LOTS of my friends went to Chico for college. I used to love to go visit them, not just for Sierra Nevada but because I friggin’ love it up there.

    I keep promising my husband, each time we’re in CA, that I’ll take him up there, but we never find the time. I think this summer we might plan a “beercation” and hit Sierra Nevada and Anderson Valley. He currently can’t get enough of the 30th Anniversary Brewer’s Reserve – last night all he could say was, “I’m thankful for Sierra Nevada. This is the BEST.BEER.EVER.”


  5. Better a hat every day than a spiderman costume EVERY DAY like my 4 year old! Following you from Relax and Surf blog hop – hope you can visit me at http://www.thejoyfuljungle.com Thanks!


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