Baby Baby Lemon in 2010, a year in review

So, to say I have a few more readers now than at the start of 2010 would be a vast understatement. I wasn’t even self hosted until April. I barely had any twitter followers, no one I knew in real life read it. And I loved every second of it. I’ve had a few twitter chats lately about writing for yourself, not others. Let me tell you, there are going to be some changes around here. Also, there might be more swearing. You never know. I thought I would repost some of my favorites from the year.

My most read post: Similac Recall Reactions

My most shared post (besides the Similac One): Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs

My most embarrassing post: Changes for Year 2 (I followed through on none of this.)

My favorite Wordless Wednesday post: Discovering his Shadow

My best attempt at chaging the world (not really): Earth Day Confessions and Breaking Up with Chinese Made Products

My favorite post that I forgot about: Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting this year. It truly means the world to me.

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2 Responses to “Baby Baby Lemon in 2010, a year in review”

  1. TMae says:

    I’m looking forward to spending 2011 “with” you!


  2. Emily says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing. It is a great way to catch up on posts I missed before I discovered your blog!


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