My personal year in review

2010 was an amazing year. I feel like I really hit my stride, in motherhood, in blogging, in so many ways. It was also a year of transition. I stopped working at became a stay-at-home mom, a dear friend moved to the other side of the world, I saw my sister less than I have in any of the last five years. It was also a year for new projects: I started Soup or Salad Blog, opened Vintage Peach Boutique and may have a few tumblrs and a secret twitter here or there (shhh.)

As for Spencer, well, he just had an amazing year. He sat up, crawled, walked, talked all this year. The difference between 5 months and 17 months is astounding. He is such a little person with a strong and charming personality. He still loves waitresses and is a shameless flirt. And oh my how he has grown.

January 1, 2010


December 2010

He is a little boy. *sniff*

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5 Responses to “My personal year in review”

  1. They grow so quickly! I hope this year is full of wonderful news and excitment!


  2. molly says:

    They turn into little boys even when we tell them not to! But they do such a fine job of it :)

    Happy New Year!


    Amy Reply:

    That sums it up just perfectly! Happy New Year!


  3. i’m so thrilled to have met you this year! you are one of my favorites EVER and i’m so happy we became friends. happy new year, lady! cheers!


  4. Veronica says:

    You know I really thought I knew you. Youre full of wonderful surprises. Happy New Year to you and your family.


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