NaBloPoMo Success!

I completed NaBloPoMo, which if you haven’t already gotten sick of hearing it, is national blog posting months in which you do a post every day. I did it! Although I didn’t have to try very hard. In fact, I had over 30 posts in November. I have no problem with quantity over quality. And I normally post 6 days a week, so pretty much this took four extra posts, two of which were week in picture posts. I did notice something; however, I got a little annoyed with some of the blogs I read who were churning out obviously half-assed content just to complete NaBloPoMo. A few of them I even debated unsubscribing, but I think it will even out. (By the way, I don’t mean you.) So, I got to thinking. Am I just churning out crap because I post every day?

I like blogging. I tend to blog pretty short and sweet, too. Something pops in my head, I type it out, done and done. I’ve written my whole life and this really isn’t too much to do while I’m with Spencer all day. I mean, it is not like I ignore him to blog or anything, but these posts don’t take very long. But, obviously I’m not the next great blogging sensation. So, here I sit. Wondering. Am I posting too much in general? If I put all of this pressure on myself so only publish perfect posts, I won’t do it. It is one of the reasons I knew I would never make it in Journalism. I obsess and only stop writing and editing when I slam face first in to a deadline.

I like to keep things loose here. Are there posts I wish I had polished more? Of course. Are there ones that I am glad I slammed out, warts and all. Of course. So, I think I will keep my little hodge-podge just the way it is. I like my corner of the internet. And I like it six days a week.

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3 Responses to “NaBloPoMo Success!”

  1. molly says:

    Good job, sweetie! There is NO way I could ever get through that challenge. And I talk A LOT :)


  2. Natalie says:

    I completed NaBloPoMo too and I was afraid of the same thing, but I noticed my readership increased slightly (we’re still not talking more than 50 folks a day, but I’ll take what I can get), so I’m going to go with “I didn’t post crap daily”, and I think you fall into the same category. I enjoy your posts! Do what you can and if they don’t like it, they won’t read it, right?

    I also think the reason I decided (after I had my degree in journalism, natch) that I wasn’t cut out for newspaper writing, because of the very same reason. I edit and edit and edit and constantly second guess, even after I hit publish. I’ll read something from 6 months ago, catch a TEENY TINY mistake and have to go in and change it.

    Anyway, my original point was that I do not think you churned out crap, congrats on completing the month!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! I ended up going a different way with a degree basically based on writing. I got a history/english degree, which, since I have no plans to be a teacher, is not super useful. Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo!


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