Put the Money in Your Pockey

I’ve talked about Spencer’s language skills before, but one of the funniest things about it is that we can make him learn crazy things without trying too hard. The hubs gave Spencer a folded up dollar bill one day before we went to the farmer’s market, slid it into a little pocket in his jeans. Since then, we put the dollar in his pocket whenever he wears pants with a pocket, always saying, “put the money in your pocket.”

After a week or two of this, if we asked Spencer, “where’s your money?” he would pat his pocket and sometimes say money. Then, we handed him his folded up dollar and he would say money or pockey. And now if we say, put your money in your pocket, he chants, “money, pockey, money, pockey” while trying to shove a folded up dollar bill in his baby pants. I know children aren’t circus animals, but it is pretty damn funny.

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  1. the grumbles says:

    oh my god. this is awesome.


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