Santa Picture 2010

I was a little disappointed in the santa pictures. We didn’t go last year because I felt that Spencer was too little. This year, I had high hopes. I dressed him in his little brown sweater and his favorite green shoes. I went right when they opened, on a week day and we were the first ones in. Spencer smiled a little and went over to santa, sat on his lap and got suddenly camera shy. She snapped about 6 photos. showed them to me and I picked this one because it showed his shoes the best. She promised that with the package I bought (as long as I upgraded a level from what I was thinking) all of the pictures would be available online and the package came with a discount code good for a free print. So, I paid. She handed me the pictures and off we went.

What? No green shoes? The bastards put a stupid bow over the thing I chose the picture for. And the coloring and printing are awful. It is like it is over high deffed or something. And when I checked online, only this picture is available. With bow. I got expensively screwed by santa.

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4 Responses to “Santa Picture 2010”

  1. Aww, that totally sucks! What a disappointment!

    If it’s any consolation, I still think the picture is pretty cute! It looks like they’re deep in conversation!


  2. Cole says:

    Wow, Santa picture fail. At least Spencer didn’t scream in Santa’s face like I did! I’d be really annoyed that all the pics weren’t available online like she said, though – I’d complain and try to get some money back…


  3. TMae says:

    Oh no! It’s still a cute picture, for those of us that don’t know what it looked like prior to the bow fail. It looks like him and Santa are having a very important conversation.


  4. Suzanne says:

    Stupid bow!! But this is one of the only successful (and adorable) Santa pictures I’ve seen this year, compared to last years when many of my blog friends had little lumps who were happy to just be held. We haven’t even tried yet this year because we haven’t found a free afternoon where Evan was in a good enough mood to even TRY.


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