Week in Phone Pictures (Week 5)

Someone stole my sausage mcmuffin.

Some backyard toddling.

This is why all of my shirts are getting ruined.

I put up the tree. Heh.

Alternate use for a Sharpie - cereal smashing.

Hanging out at the doctor's office.

Exploring in the mattress store. He was an angel and lasted 1.5 hours.

Bonus morning sleep in my bed (until 9! woot!)

Extra sleep makes baby extra cute.

Rainy Saturday

That was our week! You can get the code to link up here.

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7 Responses to “Week in Phone Pictures (Week 5)”

  1. Nichole says:

    Love, love, love the monkey jammies!


    Amy Reply:

    He likes to poke the turtles and say “dur-dull”


  2. amylee says:

    omigawsh, spencer’s week was hilarious. sharpie crumb smashing? stretching out shirts? hanging out in pj’s for bonus sleepy time? i love this week.


    amylee Reply:

    not joking, either.


    Amy Reply:

    We may never go anywhere, but we find fun in the random!


  3. Cole says:

    I do that to Mommy’s shirts, too! And I dint think I’ve ever slept until 9 in my entire life…


    Amy Reply:

    If it makes you feel any better, the day he slept in until 9, he went to bed after midnight.


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