Yay! Sister Time! Boo Ants.

My sister is here, despite nearly missed shuttles and highway closures and zomg the biggest storm of the decade. I had plans to scan in santa pictures of me and my sister through the ages, including my horrible panda shirt and our huge 80s bangs, but then the ants happened. If you are following me on the twitter, you know we are having an antpocolypse in our house. They having been pouring in for days because of the rain saturated time and seriously the ants are ruining christmas.

If there was not a toddler in the house, I would have busted out some toxic nastiness by now. I’ve tried some less toxic methods – vinegar, murphy’s soap, hot soap water and cinnamon to varying degrees of effectiveness. Mostly this has been a time suck. No cookies have been baked, blogs are being ignored, and poor angry birds, I will never finish by christmas.  Every single time I get up in the morning or leave the house, I spend 30-45 minutes cleaning up ants. Today they found the couch and the kitchen trash. I bought some bait. Going to put it in the locked cupboards and by the heater/door where they are coming in at night when Spencer is in bed. I am really at a loss. I feel like the ants have won. But YAY sister-time. You can’t win them all. Feel free to leave your ant fighting tips in the comments.

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3 Responses to “Yay! Sister Time! Boo Ants.”

  1. TMae says:

    YAY sister time. Enjoy!



  2. We had the worst time with Ants earlier this fall. We had to use the chemical stuff and I took The Boy to my parents house so he wouldn’t breath in the fumes. Any way your sister can take your kiddo out while you go on a full assult of the ants?


  3. Sister time is the best time! We battled ants in my youth during hot NJ summers. All I remember is that when you see a trail of ants your supposed to wipe down where you saw the trail because they all leave some kind of pheromone which lets the others know where to go. I’ll ask my mom for some hippy ant remedies/ deterrents , though I’m pretty sure back in the day my dad just used the chemical stuff.


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