Spencer is doing this thing now. When he sees pictures of himself, he points and yells either “you,” “baby,” or most often, “baby, you, baby, baby, you.” He is a repeater. I totally get why he is calling himself you. We point to pictures of him all the time and say, “Look! It’s you.” So, really he is just repeating what we are saying. But, it is wrong. Is this something we just ignore until it sorts itself out? Should we start saying, “Look, it’s Spencer!” instead? It is kind of funny, but I don’t want to scar him for life or anything. Am I just being dumb? I’m starting to think I have a full blown case of first-time-mom-itis.

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5 Responses to “You!”

  1. Suzanne says:

    He’ll figure it out. I think identifying yourself in a mirror is a much later skill than 1 1/2, since almost all toddlers I know still play peek a boo with the baby in the mirror. Evan will SOMETIMES point to himself when we say “where’s Evan?” or show him pictures of himself but most of the time he just signs “baby”.


  2. Yeah, I think the concept of identity (or whatever it is) Doesn’t hit until later in life. I read something a while back about some study with toddlers in mirrors and putting red dots on them that basically summed up what Suzanne just said: They don’t get its themselves and not another kid.

    When we show Ivy pictures of herself she just says baby. We have a picture of her UK Grandma in her room and she points to that and says ‘MOM’ so who knows what they’re thinking.


    Amy Reply:

    Yeah, we showed him video of him in the bath and he seemed mad that the other baby was playing with his toys.


  3. molly says:

    hahaha, makes total sense! Landon did that for awhile too.

    Then he started pointing to himself and saying “me!” That lasted for a really long time.

    Finally, last night, I asked him what his name was and instead of saying ME, he said Landon. I about fainted. It was so awesome to hear him say his name and to know he understands the concept of a name.

    So sweet watching them figure everything out!


  4. amylee says:

    i read somewhere that kids love looking at themselves in the mirror but don’t realize it’s them until late in their 2nd year. We always say, “look! it’s parker!” but then what? he starts talking in the 3rd person? actually, that’s pretty awesome. who doesn’t appreciate talking in the third person? amy thinks it’s super cool.


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