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I don’t get writer’s block very often. I have stages where I don’t complete posts or get stuck on an idea, but more often than not I fail to capture ideas rather then don’t get inspired. That said, this is a particularly gloomy time of year for me. The year after my dad died, my sister and I called this string of days, just under three weeks, the trifecta of doom. Starting with my parent’s anniversary on January 27th, then my mom’s birthday on February 5th and ending with Valentines Day. That first year it was an unmitigated disaster. I ended up fleeing to Michigan in the dead of winter to visit my sister, because that was preferable to spending another second in my mother’s house. Also, I took one of my favorite pictures ever that trip. Behold the adorable fire hydrant.

I don’t know why I am sharing all of this except to say I keep starting and abandoning posts, many of them about my mom or family or growing up. Nothing is really working out in a way I would feel satisfied publishing it, but at they same time it is like they are taking up all of my blogging brain space. So, there maybe some randomness on the blog in the next few weeks. Or not. Or maybe I will have a big fragmented word vomity post of thoughts and memories. Who knows. Whatever happens, I am sure it will be a treasure.

Lastly, an adorable picture of Spencer as a reward for sitting through that mess of a post:

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4 Responses to “Blog Diggity”

  1. TMae says:

    I like your fire hydrant picture. I have a picture that I took of one last year during our first blizzard that I think is cute because the hydrant looks like a gnome.

    Anniversaries are tough, sneaky bastards. I’d love to hear what you have to say about your family and childhood when you’re ready.


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! Yes, it is just a wacky time of year. But, I did just get a sister visit which made the end of january full of the happy.


  2. Whatever your posts contain for the next bit of time?

    I will read them.



    Amy Reply:

    Thank you. I love knowing you are always right there in my corner.


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