Dinner out with my boys

There is a restaurant in town that my husband and I used to go to all the time during our pre-baby life. We had gone a few times, then moved and it turned out we lived in the apartment next door to the chef/owner. We went a lot. And we loved going on Thursdays – Burger and Martini night. We still went a bit when Spencer was pre-high chair. We could bring him in his bucket-seat, he would either sleep through dinner or sit in one of our laps. We hadn’t been in nearly a year and finally decided to give it a try tonight. After a quick call to make sure they even had high chairs, we were on our way.

This may not be the best of the pictures I attempted to take, but it is my favorite.

Mr Adorable has his fancy pants on.

Overall, the dinner went pretty well, especially considering the place had white tablecloths. Or at least ours was white when we got there. The menu wasn’t very suited to finding a toddlery snack to go with the stuff we brought, but we went with an order of their fabulous deviled egg. Spencer did great and mowed through one and a half of them until he hit a caper and then he was having none of it. Luckily he had a huge veggie filled lunch and likes fries.

He’s been getting a lot better about plates. And straws. He is almost civilized, for a toddler.

The boy with no head destroyed the tablecloth. We tip well. Fun tip I learned: if you go to a snooty restaurant that doesn’t serve ketchup, those carrot-applesauce pouches can double as a dipping sauce, or as Spencer says deeep. Super fun night out. I think the kitchen might have been having an off night; we had the requested doneness of our burgers switched, but it happens. We have had so many good meals there that one that is less than stellar isn’t going to keep us from going back and bringing Spencer.

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2 Responses to “Dinner out with my boys”

  1. TMae says:

    We haven’t given white table cloths a try yet. We did let him eat off the plate the restaurant served his pasta on tonight. I was shocked that he didn’t try to throw it on the floor when he was done. Which is the signal for ALL DONE. It’s a lousy signal. He should try just saying, “Yo, I’m done here.” Someday….


    Amy Reply:

    We are working on plates but it is a struggle. He likes to dump them on the table. And Spencer likes to bang silverware on the plate which I am sure seems louder to us than to other people in the place, but it is a little embarrassing.


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