Things that Got my Goat this Week

I am hoping that CrunchyVTMommy doesn’t think I am trying to steal her idea, but her site is still down and it is too good to let die. Again, credit is all hers. You do not want to make her mad. She may be pretty, but she’ll cut you. Ahem. Moving on.

Well, earlier in the week the entire internet got my goat, so I will just give a link back to that post. But were is something I find excruciating. Can you spot what bugs me in the picture below?

Need a hint? Look between his foot and the shadow. Still can’t see it? One last hint: it is garbage. Lovely, lovely cancer stick garbage. Apparently, to some people, the sand in my child’s playground looks like a giant ashtray. I will admit, the two things do have sand in common.

As we saw last week, there are plenty of trashcans at this park. It is not that hard to walk 10 feet. It seems highly unlikely, but possible, I suppose, that the cigarettes blow in, uphill through a fence from the street. There are always a few and it drives me insane. I should also ad that it is illegal in my town to smoke inside the fenced areas in city parks. So, if someone is smoking illegally, I guess they would have no problem littering, but it still gets my goat.


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6 Responses to “Things that Got my Goat this Week”

  1. Alana says:

    The park I take D to is notorious for trash! I hate it and it is a nice park, too! Now that he is walking I am constantly making sure he doesn’t pick up a cancer stick and put it is his mouth.
    Also TRASH CANS ARE EVERYWHERE in this park!
    Goat was got!


    Amy Reply:

    I was thinking about this post after I got up this morning and I guess I should be happy that it is only ciggy butts and not needles or beer cans. Oh, the joys of SoCal living.


    Alana Reply:

    So true! I used to take a little girl I nannied for to a park in Santa Monica. One day a mom found a used needle in the sand! Yeah we wore shoes from then on out when playing there!


  2. amylee says:

    oooh, i have a special place in my heart for hatred of litterers. here in washington state we have a 1-800 number you can call if you see someone throw something out of their car window you report their license plate number & they get a little “warning letter” in the mail. the number is on my speed dial.

    but seriously? who throws a cigarette butt in a playground? messed up.

    dude, thanks for your nursing comment today. i’m feeling much better.


    Amy Reply:

    OMG. I would call a litter number all. the. time.


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