p365 Outtakes (Days 8-14)

I thought I would try a day by day format. Not sure how I feel about including the days where I don’t have outtakes, but it makes things easier to keep track of.

Day 8: Not a great day for picture taking, so I posted kind of a throwaway shot of avocados I am a little bummed about, but there is not much I can do now.

Day 9: Spencer and I played in the backyard and I took a ton of pictures, but I ended up liking the block picture I took when I was just goofing around the best.

These are three good examples of my lacking composition skills. With the new camera, I need to realize that the picture quality is better and I can crop more than I could with my last camera. I should be shooting wider, I can always crop, you can’t stick the tip of a boot back in the frame.

Day 10: Loved the shadow picture and didn’t end up taking any other non-random candids that day.

Day 11: Snapped the cloud pictures during a morning trip to the park and called it a day. There were two other very similar pictures, I just picked the one with the glowiest sun.

Day 12: I had a ton of pictures from this day. We did cute outside pictures, one snapped from a car and then we went on a sunset hunt. I could post 2o million pictures here. I will spare you.

Taken in the car, while driving (shhh)

This is straight out of camera, by the way. Love it. Looks like a postcard.

Day 13: I posted the best I had, by far.

Day 14: So we went to a different park in the morning and the hubs was along so I had a lot more freedom to take some pictures. I took a bunch, but after the one I used, the were my next two favorites.

I love the shadow of his little hand.

This one isn't perfect, but I always think boy chasing dad is adorable.

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3 Responses to “p365 Outtakes (Days 8-14)”

  1. […] totally stole Amy’s idea/format, because it is a good […]

  2. Natalie says:

    Hehe, I love the finger in the pipe! And the beach picture is gorgeous! Also, boy chasing daddy shots are adorable.

    I have that problem w/ composition sometimes, so I try to look at what I want and step back slightly. Doesn’t always work, but I TRY ;)


    Amy Reply:

    The pictures from that sunset were amazing. I should do a blog post just of sunset pictures. I could pretend I went on vacation!


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