project365 outtakes (Day 1-7)

Some of us project365ers were chatting on the twitter about how we liked some of our outtakes as much as the ones we used on our project365 sites. And decided to make a linky to share them. I like to think of this as a way to learn, a way to share and a way to have fun. The structure is simple. Share photos that you didn’t use otherwise. It can be a collage of photos that didn’t quite cut it, different versions of the same photo using different lighting or elements or different captures all together. It can be one it can be thirty. Let’s all share and learn. We only ask two things if you link-up, you must be doing a project365 and link it to an outtakes post not your project365 blog in general. Yay! Can’t wait to see people’s pictures.

Outtakes Day 1-7

This week I did a lot of shooting in the park and the backyard. I am trying to do landscape/object/Spencer but no face combination because posting a picture of Spencer everyday would not be very challenging for me.

These are some of my pretend I am a photographer shots. Since I use a point and shoot, I am really trying to improve my composition. There are all straight out of camera. The one on the far left is my favorite. If only I had gotten the very bottom of the S. I was pushing Spencer on the swing at the time, so I was also trying to capture a moving target.

Lemons! Last bunch of pictures taken with the old camera. Not sure what caused the weird glow. I don’t have photoshop, just the correction options in iPhoto and I had a better picture so none of these were worth the effort. Expect to see more lemons.

I like I was trying to do here, but out of 15 shots, this was the best one. Meh.

I have a ton of cool rainy orange pictures. Then I noticed the gross rotten one.

If you have any composition tips, I would love to see them in the comments. If you would like to share your outtakes from a project365, please link up. If you are doing a project365, leave the link in the comments, I’d love to check it out.

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7 Responses to “project365 outtakes (Day 1-7)”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Amy, Amy. Amy said: {New Post} project365 outtakes and linky […]

  2. […] did an excellent job kicking this off and explaining the rules so visit her; get the rules, regulations, and badge. You can link up here or there, it’s all […]

  3. Natalie says:

    I love all of the swing ones, the angles were excellent and something you don’t really see all the time, which is what I always try to do.

    The glow is just the angle of the sun reacting with your camera’s mirror. Kind of an exaggerated lens flare. Nothing to do except if you notice next time, change where you are standing or wait a few hours until the sun has changed position. Lens flare can be useful in certain situations, the glow just makes them look heavenly ;o)

    Mean Lemon-haver.


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks for the info about the lens flare like issue. Luckily, that was with the old camera, which had a horrible screen for viewing outdoors so I would never know until I went inside to download them. The new camera has a much better screen.


  4. […] I am really hoping through this project I really learn a few things about composition, lighting, and other camera settings.  Thanks to Amy for setting up this series!  If you are doing Project 365 and would like to link up your outtakes (not the original posts) you can do so here. […]

  5. Eileen says:

    LOVE the swing pics. They are crisp and clean, and the sky is so pretty!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks! It was 9 in the morning and clear, so the sky was super bright. That’s why I picked another of that series for the button.


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