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A new feature was born during our epic drive on New Years Day. I love making top anything lists, adore them. I love reading them, discussing them. My sister and I have spent entire car rides ranking things. My husband, while he will play along, does not adore list making with quite the same fervor. The words, “why don’t you just blog this,” may have been muttered. My response to that, after the eye roll, genius! But, I wanted to make sure it was a carefully thought out list, so weekly seemed a bit much. In 2011, on the first Tuesday of every month I am going to do Top Ten Tuesday! The subject of the lists will vary. I thought I’d start with album covers, my opinions are strong on this one and I get to pretend I have my dream job: pop culture list maker.

The list: Top Ten All Time Favorite Album Covers. Obviously, this list will be colored by my feelings about the artist, I am only human. Also? Not an art critic. Don’t like my choices? Let me know in the comments. I would also love to know your favorite album cover, too.

Honorable Mentions: U2 Joshua Tree, R.E.M. – Murmur and Mothers of InventionWeasels  Ripped my Flesh

10.Operation Ivy Self Titled This album has the cover that launched a thousand tattoos and patches and binder doodles. This cover is just so distinctive and evocative of the album.

9.Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Most people would expect to see Dark Side of the Moon here, or expect it to be coming up. However, this is a list of my favorites and that one just doesn’t cut it. Iconic? Sure. Possibly, with Sgt Peppers (also not on this list) one of the most famous album covers of all time? Indeed. But, I don’t love it. It looks like a t-shirt. You know how when you say a word over and over again it starts to lose all meaning? That, but visually. Enough about what isn’t here an a point about what it. The Wish You Were Here album art sticks with you. It is a little creepy and a tad crazy. It is haunting. It perfectly represents the album.

8.Madonna True Blue This is by far my favorite Madonna cover. It is just so cool. We had it on vinyl and it was a fold out with a long shot in the middle, which I adore. Side note: while I believe this album was my sister’s, my dad adored it. Love it. Played it more than either of us. He was a sucker for a ballad and this album is the one with Live to Tell on it and some of her poppiest 60s style songs like Cherish, Jimmy Jimmy and the title track. Every time I see the cover of this album I feel like a kid and I am happy. Also, I adore her eyebrows.

7.Sleater-Kinney The Hot Rock Sleater-Kinney is my all-time favorite band. Hands down. This cover? I wanted to BE this cover.

6.Depeche Mode – Violator This is another iconic album cover of my youth. The design is simple and yet so dramatic. And the concert Ts were everywhere. It was a mark of being in a special club. The coolest girls (not me) had the stickers and the Ts and the very tragic aura.

5.Hole Live Through This One of those album covers where the cover so reflects the contents and the band that they become inseparable. That is a sign of a brilliant album cover.

4.Velvet Underground Velvet Underground & Nico This one is simply fantastic. It is normally one of the first things that pops in my head when discussing album art.

3.The Clash London Calling This album cover still captivates me. If you don’t know, it is a play on this Elvis cover, but I think it knocks it out of the park even without the reference. It is so kinetic. The album isn’t bad either…

2. Sleater-Kinney Get Up – EP The is something about this that is just so prefect, so quintessentially girlie and indie and pacific northwest all in one. I would hang this on my wall as art. I had the record hanging for a long time in various college apartments. Love. Also, the B-side? One of the best songs ever.

1. The Beatles Abbey Road Of all of the iconic Beatles albums, this is my favorite. It seems to perfectly capture a moment in time. A sound. An end. Are they walking towards the future? Away from the past? It means anything and everything. It may just be the perfect album cover.

Image Credits: I wasn’t sure how to do this, so I used images from Amazon with a link back to buy the album. However, I don’t have an affiliate account, so won’t make any money if you decide to buy any of these. Which you should. All of them.Don’t walk, run. Or, I guess you could just click.

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6 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Album Covers”

  1. TMae says:

    I scrolled slowly, wondering if Madonna would show up on the list and you did not disappoint! (Also, Jimmy Jimmy…had completely forgotten about that song, and am currently listening to in on YouTube.) “Best of” lists make me anxious. Like, what if I pick the wrong best? Or once I’m done with the list I think of another best? Too much stress for me. But I love reading other people’s lists, so I’m looking forward to this feature. :-)


    Amy Reply:

    There is no best of here. Just my favorites. At this moment. Because you know what I forgot? Pearl Jam – Ten. I LOVE that cover.


  2. This is a great list. And I totally stole my sisters Depeche Mode t-shirt w/ that album cover on it and wore the shit out of it (with shorts, tights and my Doc Marten boots, heh). I am inspired to make one now, only I’m not sure my html skills would allow me to copy the album covers from amazon like that.


    Amy Reply:

    My html skills are nonexistent. I screen captured the cover and inserted it as a picture. I would LOVE to see your Top Ten Album covers list. I thought it would be easier than albums themselves, but it was still really hard. The ranking was harder than picking about 15. I’m still not sure if I am completely pleased.


  3. awesome list! mr. bilbrey is stoked on this, and he’s a TOTAL music snob! ;D


    Amy Reply:

    Yay! Thank goodness I passed muster with Mr Bilbrey.


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