Bubble Maddness aka How to Entertain a Sick Toddler

Spencer is finally over his cold; we made our triumphant return to the park today. Twice. Before that I was seriously struggling with how to entertain a kiddo who was to germy to go anywhere, but not so sick he just wanted to lay around. He was happy with balls, toys and puzzles for awhile, but he was itching to go outside and he just isn’t very entertained in our backyard.  Or he likes to play with rotten fruit and giant spiders. Either way, something had to be done.

Luckily, Natalie posting bubble pictures on her project 365 on Saturday made me think that perhaps Spencer would like some bubbles and I planned to pick some up the next time we went to Target. We hit Target the next day, trying and failing to beat the pre-Super Bowl rush. We rushed around the store, avoiding all of the harried husbands buying chips and vacuum cleaners (random) got our stuff, including delicious Popsicles for my itchy throat, and as I was loading the bags in to the car, I realized that I forgot the very bubbles I had come to get. Spencer was still in the cart, so I threw the rest of the bags ion the back, possibly sacrificing my Popsicles to the heat of the day and back in to Target we flew. We emerged relatively unscathed and returned home, triumphantly bearing bubble makers.

First you dip!

Then you blow!

The holding it up for me to blow worked a little better then Spencer trying to do it himself. Although, it did lead to getting poked in the face with a bubble wand a few more times than I would like to admit. We continued to bubble later that evening and for the next few days.

Twilight Bubbles!

I made collages because I seriously have over 50 bubble pictures. I am sure there will be more making an appearance on Wordless Wednesday in the future. I think you can click them to enlarge. Happy bubblemaking people!

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9 Responses to “Bubble Maddness aka How to Entertain a Sick Toddler”

  1. Cole says:

    I LOVE bubbles – the lady at storytime has bubbles from Gymboree, and the wand is really cool. It’s shaped a little differently and makes a ton of bubbles at once. And one of my favorite toys is a bubble gun that Mommy found at a street fair!


    Amy Reply:

    Those sound super fun. I really like the no spill cup I found.


  2. Suzanne says:

    I made the mistake of blowing a few bubbles yesterday morning to get Evan to stop crying. He was SO EXCITED he wanted to play with the bubbles all day and there was even more crying when I told him we had to stop.

    I hear Target bubbles are the best kind. I’m happy to hear they have them out already because I’m going to go buy ALL OF THEM.


    Amy Reply:

    Spencer loves washing his hands in the sink, so to get him to stop bubbling we ask him if he wants to wash his hands and he gets all excited and runs inside. I also learned my lesson about right before nap bubbles the very, very hard way.


  3. TMae says:

    I tried a bubble gun with O last summer, but the dog was more interested than he was. I’m looking forward to trying again. I remember hours of entertainment when I was a kid.


  4. Natalie says:

    Two words for everyone who uses bubbles to entertain children:

    I know I’ve told you of it before, but the $11 Target bubble machine is awesome and will last you at least a year, more if you actually take it inside and don’t leave it out w/ bubble solution inside to rust (yeah, that was dumb). It seriously keeps them entertained forever.

    Love the pictures! LOVE. ;o)


  5. Kim says:

    The Gymboree bubbles are awesome, and they are sugar based so you can probably drink it if you wanted to. I had forgotten about them, so now I’m planning to bust them out this afternoon. Maybe I’ll use them for my WW tomorrow….


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  7. Anna says:

    Aww, how fun! I can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough for bubbles and the park. We have a while to wait here in MN.


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