The Groundbreaking Art of Cupcake Eating

I seriously have no idea why I never thought of this sooner. It must have popped in my head because Spencer insists on calling cupcakes muffins. We don’t eat them very often, so I thought I would make them for Valentine’s Day. Hubs went out to run some errands and Spencer was happily playing puzzles so I thought I would get the cupcakes in the oven, funfetti naturally. So the cupcakes baked away and were cooling and then hubs got home with my super-awesome Valentine’s present – an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Awesome present yes, but it negated the cupcakes. I went a head and frosted one because I wanted to take a picture of the cupcake for my valentines’s project365 post and one for wordless wednesday and then froze the rest. Cut to today, a few days after Valentine’s day. I had already made a dent in the frosting with my spoon, but now I wanted a little cupcake with my frosting. For breakfast. And then brilliance struck while I was thawing the cupcake. If a cupcake is a muffin, then frosting should be the butter. Confused? Allow me to show you, PDub style.

Assemble your supplies: frosting, cupcake and a knife (not shown)

Unwrap the cupcake. If you did not use a paper wrapper, skip this step.

Cut cupcake in half, using a knife.

Rinse off your knife, preferably in a clean sink, but in a pinch a dirty sink (pictured) will do.

Dry off your knife or you will get water in your frosting and it will slide right off the blade.

Scoop up frosting with the knife. Do not lick.

Spread frosting on the cupcake halves.

Stuff in your pie, or in this case cupcake, hole.

Disclaimer: This was not sponsored by any sort of prepared cake or frosting company, but I do think they would be pleased by my ingenuity. I doubt, however, that the Pioneer Woman would be impressed.

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11 Responses to “The Groundbreaking Art of Cupcake Eating”

  1. TMae says:

    I think this is kind of brilliant. I can’t stand eating cupcakes that are top heavy with frosting because I never know if I’m supposed to figure out some way to bite the frosting AND the cupcake? Or lick the frosting off and THEN eat the cupcake…It’s very complicated and makes me anxious so I eschew cupcakes.

    But this? Sort of solves my problem. Gracias.


    Amy Reply:

    I prefer my cupcakes on a plate because I normally like to end with a bite of frosting. And cupcake frosting seems to be getting piled higher and higher these days, which makes it even harder to eat free hand.


  2. I totally thought I was the only person who did that! I don’t like a lot of frosting on my cupcakes so I like mine like that so I can get a little with each bite!


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  4. Courtney says:


    I often break my cupcake in half lengthwise and put it on top of the frosting, creating a cupcake sandwhich. I like lots of frosting and this technigue helps avoid frosting all over my face.


  5. Cole says:

    1. That is genius!

    2. Please send us some cupcakes :)


  6. Ginger says:

    Brilliant! This fixes the “too much icing” issue, while maintaining the “cake is awesome” fact. Love!


  7. MamaDom @ThatGirl_D says:

    Heehee I’m not familiar with PW but I love the idea of eating a cupcake for breakfast :D


    Amy Reply:

    The only thing better than cupcakes for breakfast is pie!


  8. Ashley Marie says:

    This is so funny! Thanks for the laugh :)


  9. CDG says:

    Damn. Now I want a cupcake.



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