Mini Milestones!

Counting: Spencer mostly knows his numbers, but he can’t count. He does, however, think he can count. This is most evidenced when going up the stairs: one, two, three, hippo, zebra. Then if prompted, he’ll answer next number. If I say seven eight, he will yell out nine. It sounds more like the German Nein! and it’s really adorable. We aren’t really trying to teach him to count, but I will count things on occasion, like going up the stairs or pushing on the swing. I am not sure if this is to help him learn or just because I find mindless chatter soothing.

Unrelated but adorable picture.

Mall play area: This is more of a milestone for me than for Spencer, I think. We finally went to the play area at the mall. The few times I had wandered past it was chaos, but we thought to go about 15 minutes before the stores open, and there were only a few kids there. It actually wasn’t too bad; Spencer only pushed one kid and it wasn’t too crowded. It helped a ton to have hubs there for support. We sat on the bench and chatted and he kept me from jumping up every single time Spencer stood up on the turtle. It is crazy how much taller Spencer is than the other kids, he was the youngest kid there by at least 5 months and he was one of the tallest of the toddler set.

Playing catch: Spencer caught a ball!!! He gets it about 30% of the time, if and only if we say Catch! first. But he is totally making progress. AND get this – he played catch (sort of) with another kid at the park. The other kid was about 2, so it was only as much of a game of catch as two toddlers can play. There was throwing, there was catching, there was running away with the ball. It was adorable.


And this is unrelated to Spencer and his mini milestones, but I have a blogging question for anyone who feels like chiming in. Does anyone blog on a schedule? I do a loose one, I know what Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays will be, but I was thinking about setting up a more reliable pattern for the rest. Like 1st Monday Gardening, 2nd Monday Cooking, 3rd Monday Parenting and 4th Monday Monthday post. Or something. I feel like my blog is a little chaotic it times, but I don’t know if that is part of its charm.

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4 Responses to “Mini Milestones!”

  1. Suzanne says:

    The counting with the animals is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. We’re still at the “he thinks he saying WORDS but they’re mostly gibberish” level of counting, although he can hold up 5 fingers if asked.

    I like having my blog topics for most weekend days set (iPhone pics and SOS, unless one of the kid’s monthdays falls on the weekend) and the ease of Wordless Wednesday has made me a conformer but I think when a blog becomes nothing but memes it does lose some of its charm. Being able to blog about whatever happened in our lives that day is what keeps me interested in blogging. Despite all the crap I blog about that isn’t child-related, in the end my blog is supposed to replace the kids’ baby books, so posts like this one are what I should be focusing on.


    Amy Reply:

    I didn’t mean that they days would become memes, just topics. I already worry that I have 3 meme days and feel like it is too much. My theory on my blog is that while in nominally replaces Spencer’s partially filled out baby book, it is more about my journey as a mother than his as a child. Or something like that.


  2. Alana says:

    First off super adorable picture of Spencer!
    Secondly, I love the counting. I try to count for D right now and he says 9 but I think he just likes the way it sounds!
    I am totally new to blogging and barely blog 2 times a week! BUT I do like a blog that doesn’t have the same thing every single day of the week. It gets a little dullville.
    I read way to many and have cut back on what I read because they get to be too much a like. I commend you for blogging everyday and for not becoming just like all the others!


  3. jill says:

    one, two, hippo, zebra! ahahaha! that is hilariously adorable! corbin just started saying twooooo after we say one! and catching a ball!!! that is awesome!!


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