p365 Outtakes – days 36-42

Day 36 One of the worst of the sick days. There were feet and soup. I picked the feet.

Day 37 I wanted to capture the day the daffodils first bloomed, but unfortunately the location and background (block wall) don’t lend them to super-cute pictures. I used it anyways and the ones in better spots will be blooming soon. Had it not been for the daffodils, this would have been my top pick:

Day 38 Still sick. Just a few of these, some etsy pictures and felt Spencer. But felt Spencer has a face. An adorable face.

Day 39 I loved the bubble pictures, but there were faces in most of them, like this one. Cute, but seemed like it has too much face for the no faces rule. I will have to ask the final arbiter of all things #nofaces, Natalie.

Day 40 Took some breakfast pictures, but other than that most of the pictures where of food.

Day 41 Took a bunch of park pictures in the morning, took backyard pictures and then more park pictures in the afternoon. Busy day for pictures. This one was ok, I do like my shadow in the corner. The framing of it amuses me. It is so hard to stay out of the frame when we go to the park in the morning, the sun is always right behind us.

Day 42 I adored the picture I ended up using. There were a whole bunch of cute ones from his afternoon playing with bubbles and the soccer ball. There is just something about the pose in this one, I love it:

I also was trying to get a good profile shot. I failed, but I got some cute pictures.

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5 Responses to “p365 Outtakes – days 36-42”

  1. Natalie says:

    Sunglasses and hat and face turned to the side obscures what he looks like if no one knew what he looked like to begin with, so I think it would work for nofaces.

    Basically, if I saw him in the the “real world”, I would not know who he was from that picture That’s my general rule of thumb. Much like my “mouth” in the Bubble picture I used.

    I love that I am the arbiter of all things #nofaces

    Also, I now feel like a bum b/c my post is not up and may not be up before this afternoon since I have a kid’s party to attend at 11:30.


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  3. Suzanne says:

    Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob
    I think if E gets offered a transfer to San Diego, I might take it just because I could be taking outside pictures right now instead of falling down on black ice. I love the bubbles!


    Amy Reply:

    My parents always said if my dad’s job transfer offer that moved us to california from chicago came at any time but the dead of winter, they never would have taken it.


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