Project 365 Outtakes (Days 29-35)

Day 29: I debated about which picture to use for this day, but ended up going with the beers to celebrate my sister’s visit. But I loved this one. too.

Day 30: I chose the picture I did for this day, not because it was the best picture, but because it captured the moment. my sister Laurie was in town and Spencer must have watched the 15 second video of himself “playing football” five thousand time. This is the other picture I really liked from the day. We hit the outlets on a rain day and I shot this quickly out of the windshield before we left for lunch.

Day 31: I loved the escalator picture so I posted it after I uploaded it, pretty early in the afternoon. Later that day, we went over to my husband’s grandparent’s house for probably the last time. An offer has been accepted and it will be out of the family soon. Some how, straight out of the camera, this picture conveys a little bit of that nostalgia.

Day 32: So, this picture makes me laugh because it looks like there are tiny people standing on his shoulder.

Day 33: This was the distant runner-up to the slide picture I used. It just wasn’t arty enough to justify a random close-up of hands.

Day 34: There wasn’t anything nearly as cute as the picture of Spencer smelling the flowers.

Day 35: Did not take many pictures this day, but did do a fun etsy shoot for some adorable mugs for Vintage Peach. This is the other picture I loved, but unfortunately, I cut off the edge of the handle and didn’t notice until too late.

Thanks for playing along this week! If you have a project365 outtakes post, link up below. If you are doing a project 365, let me know in the comments. I’d love to check it out.

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7 Responses to “Project 365 Outtakes (Days 29-35)”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Oh my God, you have daffodils coming up. I am actually crying.

    I love the picture of Spencer in the sunlight. It is very nostalgic.


    Amy Reply:

    We do have daffodils, but a heatwave followed by a cold snap makes them come-up, bud and never bloom. Keeping my fingers crossed for this year. If it makes you feel any better, we may get early daffodils, but can’t really grow tulips, which I ADORE.


  2. Natalie says:

    I do love the picture of Spencer in the house. The lighting is perfect!

    And I like the hands! I think it would have worked fine; the different textures are appealing.

    Thanks for finding a new link-up. You are the.awesome.


    Amy Reply:

    Of course YOU like the hands. You are appendage obsessed.


    Natalie Reply:

    This is true.
    I am.
    It’s ridiculous.
    But it’s easy to love faces…the feet and hands don’t get enough love ;o)


    Amy Reply:

    Could you BE anymore predictable?

    Also? Kinda why I luff you.

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