Snow in Southern California can be an elusive and fleeting thing. On New Years Day, after there had been some storms, we took a drive up to the mountains to see if we could show Spencer some snow. This is what we found:

You can’t build a snowman out of a frosty creek. At least the drive was fun. Spencer slept almost the entire time and hubs and I were able to have a great chat, almost back to pre-kiddo days. And yet, no snow. We decided to try again this week and if you caught my Wordless Wednesday this week, you already know that we triumphed. SNOW!

Spencer, however, woke up from his car nap less than impressed with the scenery. We gave him a little snack, bundled him up and we went out to the snow. We pulled into a turnout across from a little meadow. It was warm and sunny out, so the snow dripped and tumbled off of branches dusted with white.

Spencer approached the snow with some trepidation. He looked cold and confused. But once he got the hang of walking on the slightly slick surface he relaxed a little.

Grabbing some snow. We tried to do the full toddler snow experience and get him to make a snowball, too advanced, but he did enjoy it when I tossed snowballs at hubs.

Spencer loved his snowman. Loved. It was a familiar shape from some of his books and he would point and say “NoBan.” We made an even bigger one after this, but He Who Does Not Like To Be Shown (hubs) is in all the pictures.

It is hard to belive that we were just a few yards off the highway.

The highway is just visible in the picture above. The meadow areas was pretty deep, so it isn’t like we were playing on the side of the road. We headed back across to the turnout and played for a bit in the snow over there, but that was a much smaller area, bordered by the road and a steep drop off, so it wasn’t like Spencer could just run free, but the snow was a bit more powdery and he liked making footprints.

Crossing the highway

The spot went back a little further than this picture shows.

Making footprints in the snow. He would turn around and be surprised every single time by the trail behind him. It was so cute.

This is how we do snow in Southern California. T-shirts under coats, patches of snow in mostly brown mountains. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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10 Responses to “Snow!”

  1. Natalie says:

    Awww, I am so jealous of your snow pictures, but so happy one of us got to take their kiddos to experience it!

    I was thinking of going this weekend, but they are advising people to NOT drive into the mountains b/c it is supposed to be icy and dangerous. :o(

    I love “Noban” So adorable!


  2. Veronica says:

    Ahhhh the last picture stole my heart. Looks like an amazing day.


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  4. Suzanne says:

    I am impressed at your initiative. I’m hoping Evan feels the same way about the ocean Spencer feels about the snow come this summer. I’ll build him all the sand-men he wants.


    Amy Reply:

    Interestingly, we have never really taken Spencer to the ocean. That is 5 minutes away.


  5. Cole says:

    What fun! That looks like a much more manageable amount of snow than we have…


  6. TMae says:

    I love the footprints.


  7. Kristin says:

    Love the snow photos!! We considered going sledding this morning…but got a bit of a late start on our lazy Saturday morning. Maybe next weekend…have to make the most of living in California!! :)


    Kristin Reply:

    Oops! Forgot to say I am stopping by from SITS!! :)


    Amy Reply:

    I guess there was a ton of snow super low from these last few storms, we might have to go back. Thanks for stopping by!


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